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Koval'chuk, A.V.

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Koval'chuk, Alexandr V.;   Kovalchuk, A.V.


Belotskii, E.D.;   Bugaychuk, S.A.;   Dolgov, L.;   Fedoryako, A.P.;   Gridyakina, A.V.;   Grydyakina, A.V.;   Ishchenko, A.A.;   Klimusheva, G.V.;   Klimusheva, Gertruda V.;   Koval'chuk, T.N.;   Kozlenko, A.;   Kurik, M.V.;   Kutulya, L.A.;   Lavrentovich, O.D.;   Lev, B.I.;   Linev, V.A.;   Mirnaya, T.A.;   Mirnaya, Tatyana A.;   Plate, N.A.;   Polishchuk, A.P.;   Popova, E.V.;   Sergan, V.V.;   Sudovtseva, L.S.;   Sudovtsova, L.S.;   Tal'roze, R.V.;   Tereshchenko, A.G.;   Tolochko, A.S.;   Vasilets, V.N.;   Wiersma, Diederik S.;   Yaroshchuk, Oleg V.;   Yatsenko, L.P.;   Yuranova, T.I.;   Zubarev, E.R.

Publication Titles

1988: Electric conductivity of gamma-irradiated cholesteric liquid crystals
1989: Kinetics of electrooptical effects in nematic droplets of various structure
1990: Electrooptical effects in the polymer dispersed nematic liquid crystals: response times
1990: Low-frequency mutual transformations of the nematic drop structure in a constant electric field
1996: Low and infra-low frequency dielectric spectroscopy of the liquid crystal-solid substrate interface. Gouy layers
1997: New approach to preparation of liquid crystal composites based on comb-shaped polymers
1998: Plasmochemical initiation of the graft polymerization of mesogen-containing monomers on poly(tetrafluoroethylene) surface
2000: Mechanism of Charge Exchange at a Liquid Crystal-Electrode Interface
2002: Low-frequency relaxation processes in a ferroelectric liquid crystal with a planar orientation
2003: Dye-doped ionic lyotropic liquid crystals: electro-optical properties
2004: Low-frequency dielectric relaxation in liquid crystal-polymer composites
2004: Spectral and electric properties of cobalt (II) ions in liquid crystalline metal decanoate systems
2005: Physical properties of liquid crystals in lead decanoate systems
2008: Photodielectric Properties of C60 Solution in the Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal


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