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Kor, S.K.


Khare, R.P.;   Pandey, Govind;   Pandey, S.K.;   Singh, D.;   Singh, R.K.;   Srivastava, A.K.;   Tandon, U.S.;   Yadav, R.R.

Publication Titles

1972: Compressional study of alcohols through pseudo-Gruneisen parameters
1974: Ultrasonic propagation constants at the phase transition in two cholesteric liquid crystals
1976: Ultrasonic investigation of cholesteric liquid crystals
1983: Ultrasonic behavior of cholesteric liquid crystals
1985: Ultrasonic behavior of liquid-crystalline mixture of octadecanol and cholesterol
1986: Fixman theory in liquid crystals
1994: Ultrasonic relaxation studies associated with n-octylamine-heavy water
2002: Ultrasonic studies of ctab in glycol
2008: Ultrasonic studies on lyotropic liquid crystal CTAB in heavy water


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