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Korlacki, R.


Chrusciel, J.;   Fukuda, A.;   Fukuda, Atsuo;   Goodby, J.W.;   Górny, M.;   Hird, M.;   Jin, B.;   Kocot, A.;   Mehl, G.H.;   Meixner, A.J.;   Merkel, K.;   Meyer, T.;   Ossowska-Chrusciel, M.D.;   Steiner, M.;   Takanishi, Y.;   Vij, J.K.;   Wrzalik, R.;   Zalewski, S.

Publication Titles

1997: Simple Computer Modell of the Director Motion in the Surface Stabilized FLC Cell
2004: Infrared study of orientational order parameters of a ferroelectric liquid crystal
2004: Thermotropic Biaxial Nematic Phase in Liquid Crystalline Organo-Siloxane Tetrapodes
2005: Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal with 13C Isotope Studied Using FT-IR Spectroscopy and the Density Functional Theory Calculations
2006: A novel mechanism for stabilizing antiferroelectricity below smectic-CA*
2006: Analysis of the vibrational spectra of chiral liquid crystalline thioesters
2007: Conformational distribution of a ferroelectric liquid crystal revealed using fingerprint vibrational spectroscopy and the density functional theory


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