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Kondo, Shoichi

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Kondo, S.


Araki, Kazuo;   Fujimura, Koh;   Fujiwara, Masakazu;   Hasegawa, Kazuya;   Higuchi, Nobuaki;   Ishikawa, Masayuki;   Mita, Shigeru;   Ohyama, Masanori;   Ono, Isamu;   Satoh, Katsuhiko;   Takahashi, Mitsuo;   Takeda, Masatami;   Ujiie, Seiji

Publication Titles

1979: On the phase transition behavior of binary systems: various nonnematic solutes in nematic solvent (EBBA)
1981: Orientations of 1,2-dibromoethylene in various nematic liquid crystals
1982: Studies on molecular motion in lyotropic mesophases of the hexaethylene glycol dodecyl ether-water-d2 system by carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance
1986: On the orientational order and molecular dynamics of N-(4-butoxybenzylidene)-4'-butylaniline (4O.4) by ESR
1987: Density investigation of N-(4-n-pentyloxybenzylidene)-4-n-hexylaniline
1988: Molecular polarizabilities of homologous liquid crystals
1992: A computational approach to the structure and motion of hexakis(pentyloxy)triphenylene (THE5) in discotic mesophase
1993: A computational approach to the structure of 4-alkoxy-4'- cyanobiphenyl in nematic mesophase
1994: STM observation of molecular arrangement for smectic liquid crystal on substrate
1995: Identification of transitions in lyotropic mesophases in hexaethylene glycol dodecyl ether-water by precision densimetry
1996: Computer simulation for liquid crystalline system
1996: Monte Carlo simulations on mesophase formation using dipolar Gay-Berne model
1997: Dielectric behavior of semifluorinated n-alkane (F(CF2)n(CH2)mH). II
1997: Influence of longitudinal dipole of mesophase formation via computer simulation
1998: Computer simulation on liquid crystal order in cell with alignment surfaces
1999: Characterization of (perfluorodecyl) n-alkanes, F(CF2)10(CH2)mH
1999: Monte Carlo simulation on nematic order of chain model using mean field potential-order parameter in binary mixture
2000: Order parameter in binary mixture by Monte Carlo simulation hybridized with mean field approximation
2001: Structure effect of solute on orientational order in binary mixture by 2H-NMR and molecular simulations
2002: Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Binary Mixtures of Liquid Crystal and Non-Liquidcrystal
2006: Liquid Crystalline Properties and Molecular Packing of Semifluorinated n-Alkanes F(CF2)10(CH2)mH


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