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Koltover, Ilya

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Koltover, I.


Davidson, Patrick;   Davis, Nicolynn E.;   Idziak, Stefan H.J.;   Israelachvili, Jacob N.;   Li, Youli;   Nguyen, SonBinh T.;   Ruths, Marina;   Rädler, Joachim O.;   Safinya, Cyrus R.;   Zhuravel, Michael A.

Publication Titles

1996: Structure in a confined smectic liquid crystal with competing surface and sample elasticities
1996: Structure under confinement in a smectic-A and lyotropic surfactant hexagonal phase
1998: DNA at membrane surfaces: an experimental overview
2004: Dendronized protein polymers: Synthesis and self-assembly of monodisperse cylindrical macromolecules

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