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Körner, Hilmar

Alternative Writings

Koerner, Hilmar;   Korner, Hilmar

Similar Names

Koerner, Hilmar;   Körner, H.


Adams, Wade;   Bubeck, Robert A.;   Bunning, Timothy J.;   Char, Kookheon;   Chaudhury, Manoj K.;   DeKoven, Benjamin M.;   Fischer, Daniel A.;   Genzer, Jan;   Grundke, Karina;   Häußler, Liane;   Jehnicheu, Dieter;   Kramer, Edward J.;   Laus, Michele;   Natarajan, Lalgudi V.;   Ober, Chrisopher K.;   Ober, Christopher K.;   Pospiech, Doris U.;   Sambasivan, Sharadha;   Shiota, Atsushi;   Sivaniah, Easan;   Siwecki, Stephen A.;   Sutherland, Richard L.;   Tondiglia, Vincent P.;   Vaia, Richard A.;   Voigt, Dieter;   Wang, Jianguo;   Wofford, Jeremy M.;   Xiang, Maoliang

Publication Titles

1995: Curing of liquid crystalline networks in electric fields: Preparation of oriented thin films
1996: Controlled-order thermosets for electronic packaging
1996: Orientation-On-Demand Thin Films: Curing of Liquid Crystalline Networks in ac Electric Fields
1996: The curing of dicyanate ester liquid crystalline thermosets
1996: The processing of LC thermosets in orienting external fields
1996: Tuning physical properties and mesophase behavior in liquid crystalline thermoset mixtures.
1997: Liquid-crystalline networks from 1,4-benzenedicarboxylic acid bis(4-cyanatomethylphenyl) ester
1997: Mixtures of Liquid-Crystalline and Amorphous Dicyanates: Unusual Curing Behavior and Mechanical Properties
1998: Semifluorinated polyesters with low surface energy
1998: Twin nematic phenyl benzoates in a.c. electric fields
2000: Synchrotron radiation for probing the electric field alignment of LC macromolecules and polymers
2000: Temperature Dependence of Molecular Orientation on the Surfaces of Semifluorinated Polymer Thin Films
2000: The Orientation of Semifluorinated Alkanes Attached to Polymers at the Surface of Polymer Films
2007: Tuning of a cholesteric filter having a negative dielectric anisotropy


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