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Koenig, J.L.

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Koenig, Jack L.;   Koening, J.L.


Bos, P.J.;   Challa, S.R.;   Chen, P.Y.;   Chien, L.-C.;   D'esposito, L.;   Digiacomo, C.S.;   Geil, P.H.;   Greenwald, S.M.;   Hahn, B.;   Hancock, A.J.;   Hoke, C.D.;   Hudson, S.;   Kang, S.-W.;   Li, J.-F.;   Lin, S.-B.;   Lin, Y.-H.;   Liu, J.;   Long, T.-C.;   Lucero, A.;   Neubert, Mary E.;   Palmer, R.A.;   Percec, Virgil;   Perry, B.C.;   Rafferty, D.W.;   Rybnikar, F.;   Sable, H.Z.;   Silvestri, R.L.;   Snively, C.;   Snively, C.M.;   Wall, B.;   Wall, B.G.;   Wang, S.-Q.

Publication Titles

1977: Analogs of natural lipids. II. Polymorphic behavior of the tris-Homo acyl derivatives of cyclopentane-1,2,3-triols
1984: The transitions and melting behavior of thermally crystallized poly(ethylene terephthalate) and their correlations with FTIR and density measurements
1988: A solid-state carbon-13 NMR study of some side-chain liquid crystalline polymers
1990: A carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance study of the effect of temperature on the side-chain polysiloxane liquid crystal containing trans-2-[p-(1-undecanyl-11-oxy)phenyl]-5-[(p-2(S)-methyl-1-butoxy)phenyl]-1,3-dioxane
1991: A solid-state carbon-13 NMR study of polysiloxane side-chain liquid-crystalline polymers containing 2-[4-(2S)-methylbutoxy)phenyl]-5-(.omega.-alkyl)-1,3,2-dioxaborinane with alkyl being undecanyl and octyl
1995: Solid-state 2-D NMR correlation of structure and motion in polymer dispersed liquid crystals
1995: Thermal induced phase separation of E7/PMMA PDLC system
1996: Fourier transform infrared spectroscopic conformational analysis of a liquid crystal in elevated temperature mesophases
1996: Stabilization of polymer dispersed liquid crystal systems using surface active agents
1997: Lamellar macrocrystals of nascent liquid crystal polymers
1998: Application of Real Time Mid-Infrared FTIR Imaging to Polymeric Systems. 1. Diffusion of Liquid Crystals into Polymers
1999: Infrared microspectroscopic investigation of the diffusion of E7 into PiBMA
1999: Studying anomalous diffusion in a liquid crystal/polymer system using fast FTIR imaging
2000: Polarized infrared study of a polymer network deformation in a nematic liquid crystal host
2000: Structure/property relationships in nematic liquid crystal/polymer alignment layer interactions
2002: FT-IR Imaging of Optical Pattern Forming States of Liquid Crystals


19th Int. Liq. Cryst. Conf., Edinburgh, 2002, C24
Chem. Phys. Lipids, 18, 154
J. Mol. Struct., 521, 121
J. Polym. Sci., Polym. Phys., 37, 2261
J. Polym. Sci., Polym. Symp., 71, 121
J. Therm. Anal., 45, 1297
Liq. Cryst., 27, 359
Macromolecules, 31, 3753
Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst. A, 259, 101
Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst. A, 289, 11
Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst. A, 289, 149
Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst. A, 326, 101
Polym. Prepr., 29 (1) 50
Polymer, 31, 721
Polymer, 38, 4387
Solid State NMR Polym., 3, 215

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