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Kobayashi, K.

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Kobayashi, Katsuhiko;   Kobayashi, Katsumi;   Kobayashi, Kazuhiko;   Kobayashi, Kazuhiro;   Kobayashi, Kazuhito;   Kobayashi, Kazuki;   Kobayashi, Kazumasa;   Kobayashi, Kazumi;   Kobayashi, Kazunori;   Kobayashi, Kazuo;   Kobayashi, Kazuya;   Kobayashi, Kei;   Kobayashi, Keiko;   Kobayashi, Keizo;   Kobayashi, Ken;   Kobayashi, Kenji;   Kobayashi, Kensanao;   Kobayashi, Kentaro;   Kobayashi, Kenzo;   Kobayashi, Kesanao;   Kobayashi, Kiwamu;   Kobayashi, Kiyoshi;   Kobayashi, Koji;   Kobayashi, Kotaro;   Kobayashi, Kunpei


Akagi, K.;   Akahane, T.;   Azuma, K.;   Becker, W.;   Choi, S.-K.;   Goto, H.;   Hattori, T.;   Hori, M.;   Hori, Y.;   Ikenaga, E.;   Jin, S.-H.;   Kawai, T.;   Kimura, M.;   Kobayashi, S.;   Mizoguchi, R.;   Myojin, K.;   Naemura, S.;   Nakagawa, M.;   Nakajima, T.;   Nakata, Y.;   Nakazono, M.;   Nohira, H.;   Ogawa, M.;   Ohnishi, H.;   Okabe, M.;   Okamoto, H.;   Okamoto, K.;   Ozaki, M.;   Saito, H.;   Saito, S.;   Seki, M.;   Shimomura, T.;   Shin, S.;   Shioji, M.;   Shiraishi, T.;   Shirakawa, H.;   Simon-Hettich, B.;   Takahashi, K.;   Takahashi, S.;   Takahashi, T.;   Takata, Y.;   Takatsu, H.;   Tazume, M.;   Toko, Y.;   Yamagishi, A.;   Yin, X.H.;   Yoshino, K.

Publication Titles

1983: Evaluation and optimization by colorimetry of polarizers for liquid crystal display
1991: On the fractal distribution of embryos at nematic-isotropic critical point
1995: Novel properties of conducting polymer-liquid crystal system and their doping effect
1995: Unique electrical and optical properties of polyacetylene derivatives in liquid crystal phase
1995: Unique electrical, electrochemical and optical characteristics of polyheptadiyne derivatives with long side chains
2001: Investigation activity and data on safety of liquid crystal materials
2001: Structural Change of a Cast Film of Amphiphilic Ruthenium(II) Cyano Complex Caused by Electrochemical Oxidation
2004: X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study on SiO2/Si interface structures formed by three kinds of atomic oxygen at 300 C
2005: Determination of electron escape depth in ultrathin silicon oxide
2005: Improvement of Response Speed for Mobile Fine Particle Display Cells by Adding Charge Transfer Complex Dopant


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Displays, 4, 201
Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst. A, 364, 171
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Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst., 433, 317
Synth. Metals, 69, 399
Synth. Metals, 69, 49
Synth. Metals, 69, 597

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