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Knorr, K.

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Knorr, Klaus


Ackermann, R.;   Berwanger, R.;   Chan, M.H.;   Enderle, M.;   Garcia, R.;   Henschel, A.;   Huber, P.;   Müller, H.-W.;   Noh, J.D.;   Pelster, R.;   Rieger, H.;   Scheidemantel, S.;   Wagner, C.;   Warken, A.

Publication Titles

1987: The glasslike state of the mixed alkali halide-alkali cyanides
1999: X-ray diffraction study of C2F3Cl physisorbed on graphite
2000: Orientational disorder and melting of CF2Cl2 monolayers physisorbed on graphite
2002: Critical behavior of the frustrated antiferromagnetic six-state clock model on a triangular lattice
2003: Critical adsorption in a well-defined geometry
2003: Pattern formation at the bicritical point of the Faraday instability
2009: Phase transitions and molecular dynamics of n -hexadecanol confined in silicon nanochannels


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