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Knobler, Charles M.

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Knobler, C.M.


Bruinsma, Robijn F.;   Casagrande, Christiane;   Fang, Jiyu;   Fischer, Thomas M.;   Gehlert, Ulrike;   Godovsky, Yuli K.;   Hisada, Kenji;   Makarova, Nataliya N.;   Qiu, Xia;   Roux, Didier;   Ruiz-Garcia, Jaime;   Schwartz, Daniel K.;   Selinger, Jonathan V.;   Shashidar, Ranganathan;   Stine, Keith J.;   Tsao, Mei-Wei;   Veyssie, Madeleine;   Wang, Zhen-Gang;   Yokoyama, Hiroshi

Publication Titles

1987: Anisotropic features in the dynamics of nematic-nematic phase separation
1988: Dynamics of phase separation between a lyotropic dilute lamellar phase and an isotropic phase
1991: Direct observation of domain structure in condensed monolayer phases
1992: Domain structures and phase transitions in Langmuir monolayers
1993: Chiral symmetry breaking in Langmuir monolayers and smectic films
1994: Domain morphology in a two-dimensional anisotropic mesophase: cusps and boojum textures in a Langmuir monolayer
1994: Textures of surfactant monolayers
1997: Layer growth in collapsed liquid crystal monolayers studied by scanning force microscopy
1998: Selforganized collapse of Langmuir monolayers of mesophase cyclolinear polyorganosiloxanes
1999: Imaging the Azimuthal Tilt Order in Monolayers by Liquid Crystal Optical Amplification
2000: Friction Anisotropy and Asymmetry Related to the Molecular Tilt Azimuth in a Monolayer of 1-Monopalmytoyl-rac-glycerol


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