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Klose, G.

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Klose, Gotthard;   Klose, H.


Anikin, A.;   Arnold, K.;   Bezzabotnov, V.Yu.;   Binder, H.;   Blume, A.;   Borbely, S.;   Brückner, S.;   Cherezov, V.;   Cramer, C.;   Degovics, G.;   Derzhanski, A.;   Dietrich, U.;   Donnerstag, A.;   Eisenblätter, S.;   Franck, U.;   Frischleder, H.;   Funari, S.S.;   Förster, Günter;   Galle, J.;   Gawrisch, K.;   Glorieux, C.;   Gordeliy, V.I.;   Grande, S.;   Grossmann, S.;   Haage, K.;   Heerklotz, H.;   Hempel, G.;   Hentschel, M.;   Heremans, K.;   Islamov, A.;   König, B.;   Kühnau, U.;   Lantzsch, G.;   Lochmann, R.;   Meyer, H.W.;   Misselwitz, R.;   Mädler, B.;   Möbius, G.;   Möps, A.;   Ostanevich, Yu.M.;   Paltauf, Fritz;   Pampel, A.;   Petrov, A.;   Petrov, A.G.;   Pfeiffer, H.;   Rettig, W.;   Richartz, Th.;   Richter, W.;   Schmiedel, H.;   Schulze, G.;   Stallmach, F.;   Tschierske, Carsten;   Volke, F.;   Waschipky, R.;   Welzel, P.;   Winter, R.;   Zheliaskova, A.;   Zirwer, D.;   von Zglinicki, Th.

Publication Titles

1976: NMR studies of phospholipid dispersions
1977: Benzene-lecithin interaction in lecithin-benzene solutions. Part I. Magnetic deuterium relaxation studies
1978: Benzene-lecithin interaction in lecithin-benzene solutions part II: Optical studies and quantum mechanical calculations
1978: Nuclear magnetic resonance and light scattering studies of the aggregation of dipalmitoyl-phosphatidylcholine-Benzene systems
1981: Lipid-water interaction in model membranes
1981: Lyotropic mesophases studied by phosphorus-31 NMR
1982: Self-assembly and phase behavior of short chain phosphonic acid-water systems in a wide concentration range. Microscopic, NMR, and x-ray diffraction studies
1983: Molecular motions and mesophases in anhydrous thallium(I) soaps studied by proton- and thallium-205 NMR. The thallium-205 chemical shift tensor
1986: Hydration and swelling of the total lipid fraction of egg yolk and the influence of some additives studied by small-angle neutron scattering
1987: Orientational behavior of phosphonic acid dialkyl esters in nematic and smectic phases of (pentoxybenzylidene)hexylaniline studied by proton, deuterium and phosphorus-31 NMR
1987: Phase behavior of a ternary system containing lecithin
1988: Small-angle X-ray scattering and electron microscopy of crude dispersions of swelling lipids and the influence of the morphology on the repeat distance
1990: Incorporation of phosphonic acid diesters into lipid model membranes Part I. Influence of the esters on the phase behaviour of egg yolk lecithin water systems and their orientational behaviour at low water content as seen by 2H- and 31P-NMR
1991: Incorporation of phosphonic acid diesters into lipid model membranes. Part II. X-ray and neutron diffraction studies
1992: Sorption isotherms and swelling of POPC in H2O and 2H2O
1993: 2H- und PFG-1H-NMR zur Untersuchung der dynamischen Eigenschaften von Wasser an Phosphatidylcholin- und Phosphatidylcholinö/Tensid-Oberflächen
1993: Phasen- und Struktureigenschaften modifizierter Phospholipid/Wasser-Dispersionen
1994: Dynamic properties of water at phosphatidylcholine lipid-bilayer surfaces as seen by deuterium and pulsed field gradient proton NMR
1994: The effect of incorporation of phosphonic acid dibutyl ester in POPC model membranes on the hydration force
1994: Thermotropic phase behavior of the pseudobinary mixture DPPC/C12E4 at excess water
1995: Application of isothermal titration calorimetry for detecting lipid membrane solubilization
1995: Hydration and Structural Properties of a Homologous Series of Nonionic Alkyl Oligo(ethylene oxide) Surfactants
1995: Phase behaviour of the ternary system POPC/C12E2/2H2O
1996: Molecular ordering in microconfined liquid crystals: an infrared linear dichroism study
1996: Structure of Mixed Multilayers of Palmitoyloleoylphosphatidylcholine and Oligo(oxyethylene glycol) Monododecyl Ether Determined by X-ray and Neutron Diffraction
1997: Characterisation of antibiotic moenomycin A interaction with phospholipid model membranes
1997: Water interaction with oligo-(ethoxy) ethylene glycols
1998: Compound complex formation in phospholipid membranes induced by a nonionic surfactant of the oligo(ethylene oxide)-alkyl ether type: a comparative DSC and FTIR study
1999: Lyotropic phase behavior and gel state polymorphism of phospholipids with terminal diene groups: infrared measurements on molecular ordering in lamellar and hexagonal phases
1999: Measurements of anchoring energy of a nematic liquid crystal, 4-cyano-4'-n-pentylbiphenyl, on Langmuir-Blodgett films of dipalmitoyl phosphatidylcholine
2003: Thermotropic and piezotropic phase behaviour of phospholipids in propanediols and water
2006: Thermotropic phase behaviour of the pseudobinary mixtures of DPPC/C12E5 and DMPC/C12E5 determined by differential scanning calorimetry and ultrasonic velocimetry


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