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Kleppinger, R.

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Kleppinger, Ralf;   Kleppinger, Rolf


Almdal, K.;   Baehr, C.;   Ebert, M.;   Festag, R.;   Frick, G.;   Hildebrandt, F.;   Jungbauer, A.;   Jungbauer, D.A.;   Koch, M.H.J.;   Kohne, B.;   Kozik, G.;   Lattermann, Günter;   Lin, C.;   Meijer, E.;   Mischenko, N.;   Mortensen, K.;   Praefcke, Klaus;   Reynaers, H.L.;   Rietz, R.;   Ringsdorf, Helmut;   Schmidt, S.;   Schneider, L.;   Schröter, J.A.;   Singer, D.;   Soliman, M.;   Staufer, Günter;   Theunissen, E.;   Tschierske, Carsten;   Wendorff, H.;   Wendorff, Joachim H.;   Wolf, M.;   von Gorp, J.

Publication Titles

1989: Columnar Phases Formed by Nondiscogenic Mesogens through Molecular Aggregation
1989: Liquid crystals. Part 45. Structural and dynamic properties of a new type of discotic nematic compounds
1989: Structural variations of liquid-crystalline polymers with phasmidic-type mesogens
1990: Kerr effect in liquid-crystalline polymers and model compounds
1990: Supermolecular self organization via molecular aggregation: nondiscotic three chain diols displaying a hexagonal columnar phase
1991: Influence of Charge-Transfer Interactions on the Electrooptic Behaviour of Discotic Nematic Liquid Crystals
1991: Structure and properties of liquid-crystalline polymers with complex architecture
1992: Control of the Electro-Optic Properties by Molecular Constuction: Experiment and Simulations
1992: Electro-Optical Investigations on Isotropic-Columnar Transitions: Rigid and Associated Mesogens
1992: Investigations on the Structure of Cycloalkan-Metallomesogens
1992: Metallomesogens with a Triazacyclononane Ligand
1992: Supermolecular self organization via molecular aggregation. II. Electrooptical studies on structure formation processes in associated liquid-crystalline diols
1993: Disordered and Ordered Columnar Phases: Evidence for a Continous Structural Transition?
1993: Mesogenic Properties of a new Family of Amphiphiles with an unusual Head-Group Topology
1994: Low Molecular and Polymeric Liquid Crystals of Unsymmetrically Substituted Azacycloalkane Amides
1997: Shear-Induced Single Crystalline Mesophases in Physical Networks of Gel-Forming Triblock Copolymer Solutions
2003: Fibers and gels formed by discotic trisamides and trisureas
2003: Shear-induced morphologies of cubic ordered block copolymer micellar networks


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Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle, 31 (Mainz) P22
Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle, 31 (Mainz) P23
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Liq. Cryst., 11, 699
Liq. Cryst., 4, 53
Liq. Cryst., 5, 1841
Liq. Cryst., 7, 553
Macromolecules, 30, 7012
Polym. Prepr., 31 (1) 381
Vortr. Poster - Symp. Materialforsch., 2nd, 3, 2531

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