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Kleman, Maurice

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Kléman, Maurice

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Kleman, M.;   Kléman, M.


Asnacios, Sophie;   Benillouche, Michaeel;   Blanc, Christophe;   Bourgaux, Claudie;   Cladis, Patricia E.;   De'Neve, Thierry;   Friedel, J.;   Kalb, Frederique;   Lavrentovich, Oleg D.;   Lelidis, Ioannis;   Martin, Jean-Luc;   Meyer, Claire;   Michel, Louis;   Nastishin, Yuriy;   Navard, Patrick;   Oswald, Patrick;   Pieranski, Pawel;   Quilliet, Catherine;   Sethna, James P.;   Singh-Zocchi, Mukta;   Zuodar, Nadia

Publication Titles

1969: Dislocation lines in cholesteric crystals
1970: Magnetic singularities in helimagnetic crystals
1971: New decoration method for the mesomorphic phase of p-methoxybenzylidene-p-butylaniline
1976: Screw dislocations and surface minima in smectics A
1977: An analogy between the rank of a disclination and an invariant of a vortex line in a Cosserat medium (example, A-phase of superfluid helium-3)
1978: Defects in mesomorphic phases: theoretical aspects
1978: Spontaneous breaking of Euclidean invariance and classification of topologically stable defects and configurations of crystals and liquid crystals
1982: Lubrication theory of smectic A phases
1982: Spheric domains in smectic liquid crystals
1985: Defects and their relationship to molecular configurations in nematic polymers
1987: Effect of frustration in liquid crystals and polymers
1988: Surfactant-water systems with small layer rigidity. Phase stability, defects models and defects mobility in polyoxyethylene surfactant with water
1989: Defects in liquid crystals
1991: Defects and textures in liquid crystalline polymers
1993: Study of the worm texture in a nematic polymer
1994: Oblique anchoring of lyotropic layers on a sponge phase
1995: The topological classification of defects
1996: Evidence of a phenomenon of epitaxy at the interface between a lamellar L.alpha. phase and a L3 sponge
1997: Dilute polymer in a lyotropic lamellar system without interaction: a possible depletion flocculation effect
1999: Effects of shear on a lyotropic lamellar phase
1999: On the shapes of lamellar droplets in sponge phase
1999: The lamellar and sponge phases of dilute surfactant systems: structures and defects at equilibrium and under shear
2000: Curvature energy of a focal conic domain with arbitrary eccentricity
2000: The curvature walls in lyotropic lamellar phases
2000: Tiling the plane with noncongruent toric focal conic domains
2002: Role of the Microscopic Defects in the Plasticity of Smectic Materials
2002: The Confinement of Smectics : Some Geometrical Features
2004: Defect dynamics in a smectic Grandjean-Cano wedge
2005: How Do Defects Transform at the Smectic A-Nematic Phase Transition?
2007: Kinked Focal Conic Domains in a SmA


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