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Kleman, M.

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Kléman, M.

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Kleman, Maurice;   Klemann, M.;   Kléman, Maurice


Achard, M.-F.;   Achard, M.F.;   Allet, C.;   Asnacios, S.;   Berry, Guy C.;   Blanc, C.;   Boltenhagen, P.;   Boltenhagen, Ph.;   Bouligand, Y.;   Bourdon, L.;   Béhar, J.;   Cladis, P.E.;   Colliex, C.;   Costello, M.J.;   De'Neve, T.;   De'Nève, T.;   Friedel, J.;   Gharbi, A.;   Gulik-Krzywicki, T.;   Horn, R.G.;   Lavrentovich, O.;   Lavrentovich, O.D.;   Lejcek, L.;   Lelidis, I.;   Lequeux, F.;   Liebert, L.;   Mahjoub, H.F.;   Malthête, J.;   Martin, J.-L.;   Martin, J.L.;   Mazelet, G.;   McGrath, K.M.;   Meyer, C.;   Michel, L.;   Nastishin, Y.A.;   Nastishin, Yu.A.;   Navard, P.;   Nguyen, H.-T.;   Nguyen, H.T.;   Noirez, L.;   Ober, R.;   Oswald, P.;   Oswald, P. Par;   Pergamenshchik, V.M.;   Quilliet, C.;   Ryschenkow, G.;   Singh, M.;   Sommeria, J.;   Srinivasarao, Mohan;   Steers, M.;   Strzelecki, L.;   Sun, Zheng-Min;   Taupin, D.;   Veyssié, M.;   Vidal, P.;   Vitek, V.;   Williams, C.;   Williams, C.E.;   Yahiaoui, B.;   Zuodar, N.

Publication Titles

1970: Helical disinclination pairs in cholesterics
1972: Cholesteric domain texture
1972: Defects in liquid crystals
1972: Non-singular disclinations of strength S = + 1 in nematics
1973: Anchoring energies and the nucleation of surface disclination lines in nematics
1973: Defect densities in directional media, mainly liquid crystals
1973: Local chiral axis in a directional medium and wedge component of a disclination
1973: Screw disclinations in nematic samples with cylindrical symmetry
1973: Surface disclinationn lines in 4-methoxybenzylidene-4'-butylaniline (MBBA)
1974: Linear theory of dislocations in a smectic A
1974: Observation of edge dislocation lines in an a-phase smectic
1974: Observations on the smectic phase of 4,4'-diethyl azoxydibenzoate by the polarizing microscope
1975: Defects in liquid crystals
1975: Dislocations, grain boundaries and focal conics in smectics A
1976: A note on two-dimensional nematic systems
1976: On the association of screw dislocation lines and focal domains in smectics A
1976: Recognition of Defects in Water-Lecithin L{\f1 a} Phases
1976: Surface defects and structural transitions in very low anchoring energy nematic thin films
1977: Defect structures in lyotropic smectic phases revealed by freeze-fracture electron microscopy
1977: Energetics of the focal conics of smectic phases
1978: Observations on shear-induced textures and rheology of a smectic-A phase
1978: On the classification of defects in the smectic phases SmA and SmC
1978: Striped patterns in a thin droplet of a smectic C phase
1979: Topology of singular rows of nonchiral smectic C phases
1980: Curvature defects in smectic A and canonic liquid crystals
1980: Developable domains in hexagonal liquid crystals
1980: Screw dislocations in the smectic C phase of liquid crystals
1981: Defects in an hexagonal discotic mesophase: Disclinations and walls
1981: Liquid crystals: the fourth state of matter
1981: On static helical instabilities of screw dislocations in a SmA phase and on their consequence on plasticity
1981: Physics of defects: a place of geometry
1982: Columnar discotic mesophases: elasticity, dislocations, instabilities
1982: Lubrication theory of smectic A phases
1982: Observation of a lattice of confocal parabolas in a smectic A phase under shear
1982: On the existence of singular lines in the focal domains of the Sm C and Sm C* phases
1982: The geometrical nature of disorder and its elementary excitations
1983: Preliminary observations of defects in a polymeric nematic phase
1984: Experimental evidence for helical instability of screw dislocation lines in a smectic A phase
1984: Measurement of the three elastic constants and the shear viscosity γ1 in a main-chain nematic polymer
1985: Frustration in polymers
1985: The coexistence of cholesteric and 2-dimensional orders
1986: Observation of defects in a polyester nematic phase: 2
1988: Electron microscopy observations of a nematic polyester
1988: Helicoidal instability in cholesteric capillary tubes
1989: Defects in small-molecule and polymeric nematics
1991: Oily streaks and focal conic domains in L.alpha. lyotropic liquid crystals
1992: Defect morphology in a biaxial thermotropic polymer
1992: Defects in a Thermotropic Polymer: Morphology in Static and Dynamic Situation under a Shear Flow
1992: Focal conic domains with positive Gaussian curvature and saddle-splay rigidity of smectic La phases
1992: Saddle-Splay Rigidity and Defects with Positive and Negative Gaussian Curvature in La Phase
1992: The Helical Smectic States in the Mixture Cholesterylnonanoate-Nonyloxybenzoic Acid
1992: The Phase Diagram of the La Phase from the Point of View of Defect Structure
1993: Field-driven first-order structural transition in the restricted geometry of a smectic-A cell
1993: Polymer in a lyotropic lamellar system: an experimental study
1993: Shear rheology and shear-induced textures of a thermotropic copoly(ester amide)
1993: Shear rheology and shear-induced textures of a thermotropic copolyester amide
1994: Focal conics domains in smectics
1994: Nucleation of focal conic domains in smectic A liquid crystals
1995: Defects in liquid-crystalline polymers
1995: Nature of the Flow-Induced Worm Texture of Thermotropic Polymers
1995: Observation of textures of nematic polymers and estimation of the elastic constants
1996: Phase Transition Induced by Shearing of a Sponge Phase
1997: Orientational Dependence of the Surface Free Energy of the L.alpha.-L3 Interface
1998: Thermotropic and lyotropic columnar hexagonal phases: defects observed by cryofracture and thermotropic anomalous character
1999: Curvature walls and focal conic domains in a lyotropic lamellar phase
1999: Dislocation mobility in smectic liquid crystals
2000: Static and dynamic observations of dislocations and other defects in smectic cano wedges
2001: Identification of a TGBA liquid crystal phase via its defects
2001: The confinement of smectics with a strong anchoring
2001: Universal properties of lamellar systems under weak shear
2003: Textural analysis of a mesophase with banana shaped molecules
2004: Rheological properties of chiral liquid crystals possessing a cholesteric-smectic A transition
2004: Role of Microscopic Defects in the Plasticity of Lamellar Materials
2005: Do lamellar liquid crystals flow like solids?
2005: Liquid crystal helical ribbons as isometric textures
2006: Comment on "Structure of Smectic Defect Cores: X-Ray Study of 8CB Liquid Crystal Ultrathin Films"
2006: Imperfections in focal conic domains: the role of dislocations
2006: Topological point defects in nematic liquid crystals
2008: Disclinations, dislocations, and continuous defects: A reappraisal
2008: Imperfect focal conic domains in A smectics: a textural analysis
2009: Liquids with conics


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