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Kleinert, H.

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Kleinert, Hagen


Ami, S.;   Bachmann, M.;   Borelli, M.E.;   Borelli, M.E.S.;   Hofsass, T.;   Janke, W.;   Kiometzis, M.;   Langhammer, F.;   Maki, K.;   Matsui, T.;   Pelster, A.;   Schakel, A.M.J.;   Schakel, Adriaan M.J.;   Zaanen, J.

Publication Titles

1981: Lattice textures in cholesteric liquid crystals
1981: No cryptoferromagnetic state due to fluctuations
1981: Thermal expansion and Bragg reflexes in lattice textures of cholesteric liquid crystals
1983: Gauge field theory of dislocations in smectic A liquid crystals
1983: Transition entropy of defect melting
1984: First order in 2D disclination melting
1986: Fluctuations in the nematic-isotropic phase transition
1986: Size distribution of spherical vesicles
1987: Fluctuation pressure of a stack of membranes
1987: Renormalization of curvature elastic constants for elastic and fluid membranes
1988: Dynamical generation of string tension and stiffness in strings and membranes
1988: From First-Order to Two Continuous Melting Transitions: Monte Carlo Study of a New 2D Lattice-Defect Model
1988: Lattice defect model with two successive melting transitions
1989: Electrostatic stiffness properties of charged bilayers
1989: Lattice model for the tricritical point of the nematic–smectic-A phase transition
1989: Relation between fluctuation pressure and X-ray structure of stack of membranes
1991: Lattice model for layered structures
1999: Derivative expansion of one-loop effective energy of stiff membranes with tension
2000: Smectic-nematic phase transition as wrinkling transition in a stack of membranes
2001: Fluctuation pressure of a stack of membranes
2001: Phases of a stack of membranes in a large number of dimensions of configuration space
2001: Vertical melting of a stack of membranes
2004: Nematic world crystal model of gravity explaining absence of torsion in spacetime


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