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Kiselev, Alexei D.

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Kiselev, A.D.


Buinyi, Igor O.;   Chigrinov, Vladimir;   Chigrinov, Vladimir G.;   Egorov, Roman I.;   Reshetnyak, Victor Y.;   Reshetnyak, Victor Yu.;   Soskin, Marat S.;   Vovk, Roman G.;   Xu, Peizhi

Publication Titles

1995: Surface elastic constant problems for NLC confined to cylindrical cavity: stability of axial configuration
1995: Surface-like elastic constant problem and axial structure stability in nematic liquid crystal (NLC) confined to cylindrical pore
1997: Freedericksz transition in a planar nematic cell and the surfacelike elastic constant problem
1997: Influence of surface elasticity on periodic splay-twist Freedericksz transition in a nematic cell
2005: Optical response of a nematic liquid crystal cell at the splay - bend transition: a model and dynamic simulation
2007: Angular structure of light polarization and singularities in transmittance of nematic liquid crystal cells
2008: Polarization-resolved angular patterns of nematic liquid crystal cells: Topological events driven by incident light polarization


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