Index Name

Kim, Y.-H.

Alternative Writings

Kim, Y.H.;   Kim, Y.h.

Similar Names

Kim, J.-H.;   Kim, Yong-Hae;   Kim, Yong-Hoon;   Kim, Yong-Hyun;   Kim, You-Hyun;   Kim, Young-Ho;   Kim, Young-Hwan;   Kim, Yun-Hi;   Kim, Yun-Ho


Bruch, R.R.;   Pincus, P.;   Schmidt, H.-W.;   Sweeny, W.

Publication Titles

1979: Nematic polymers: excluded-volume effects
1981: Helix-coil transitions of dilute polymers under a velocity gradient
1982: A microscopic model of cholesteric polypeptide solutions
1990: Preparation of aromatic polyamide polyanions: a novel processing strategy for aromatic polyamides

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