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Kim, Y.

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Kim, I.;   Kim, J.;   Kim, Yang;   Kim, Yesook;   Kim, Yoan;   Kim, Yongduk;   Kim, Yoon;   Kim, Youngjung;   Kim, Youngmee;   Kim, Youseung;   Kim, Yumin;   Kim, Yuna;   Kim, Yunhee;   Kim, Yunki;   Kim, Yup


Baek, S.;   Chang, T.;   Chonko, J.;   Cuttino, David S.;   Doane, J. William;   Engels, G.;   Fritz, William J.;   Ha, C.-S.;   Hyun, S.-Y.;   Jeong, Y.;   Kim, H.-R.;   Kim, S.-I.;   Lee, B.;   Lee, S.-D.;   Lee, Y.W.;   Lin, J.S.;   Moon, J.-H.;   Nunes, T.L.;   O'Ferrall, Catherine Elizabeth;   Park, M.;   Peck, R.E.;   Pincus, P.;   Pyo, S.M.;   Ree, M.;   Shashidhar, Ranganathan;   Shin, D.-M.;   Smith, Steven W.;   Wonderly, H.

Publication Titles

1978: Nematic polymers: excluded volume effects
1995: Rodlike/flexible polyimide composite films prepared from soluble poly(amic diethyl ester) precursors: miscibility, structure, and properties
1998: Alignment of liquid-crystals on rubbed polyimide films prepared from various precursor polymers
1999: Advances in Ch-LCD devices using plastic substrates with conducting polymer
2001: Investigation of a quasi-steady liquid crystal technique for film cooling heat transfer measurements
2004: Application of Photo-Alignment Techniques to AntiFerroelectric Liquid Crystal Cell
2004: Suppression of the Cladding Mode Interference in Cascaded Long Period Fiber Gratings with Liquid Crystal Claddings


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