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Kim, M.W.

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Kim, Mahn-Won;   Kim, Mee Whi;   Kim, Min Wan;   Kim, Min-Woo;   Kim, Myung-Woon


Ahn, C.W.;   Boamfa, M.I.;   Bringezu, F.;   Cao, B.H.;   Copic, M.;   Deutsch, M.;   Drevenšek Olenik, Irena;   Hanley, H.J.;   Kim, C.Y.;   Kim, J.-H.;   Kim, Y.C.;   Klopcar, N.;   Li, Y.;   Lin, M.Y.;   Maan, J.C.;   Miller, H.P.;   Nolte, R.;   Ocko, B.M.;   Pak, S.S.;   Peiffer, D.G.;   Pfohl, T.;   Rasing, T.;   Rasing, Th.;   Rastegar, A.;   Safinya, C.R.;   Sinha, S.K.;   Sirota, E.B.;   Straty, G.C.;   Wen, Z.;   Wilson, L.;   Wong, G.C.L.;   Wu, X.Z.;   Yasa, M.;   de Witte, P.

Publication Titles

1993: Surface tension measurements of surface freezing in liquid normal alkanes
1996: Shear-induced behavior in a solution of cylindrical micelles
1998: Effect of dopants on characteristics of polypyrrole as a liquid crystal alignment layer
1999: Characterization of unidirectional photopolymerization in poly(vinyl cinnamate) by surface optical second-harmonic generation
1999: Probing photo-induced alignment in poly(vinyl cinnamate) films by surface second-harmonic generation
2000: Alignment of liquid crystals on a photosensitive substrate studied by surface optical second-harmonic generation
2000: Alignment of nematic liquid crystals on Poled Photo-Polymer films
2001: Alignment of nematic liquid crystals on an electrically poled photopolymer film
2001: Controlled Modification of Microstructured Silicon Surfaces for Confinement of Biological Macromolecules and Liquid Crystals
2001: Surface Versus Bulk Anisotropy of Photo-Sensitive Poly (vinyl cinnamate) Alignment Layers
2002: Observation of Surface and Bulk Phase Transitions in Nematic Liquid Crystals
2003: Observation of surface and bulk phase transitions in nematic liquid crystals
2003: Synthesis and microstructure characterization of nano-ordered mesophase thin films


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