Index Name

Kim, Jun-Ho

Alternative Writings

Kim, J.H.;   Kim, Junho

Similar Names

Kim, J.-H.;   Kim, Jun-Hon;   Kim, Jun-Oh;   Kim, Jung-Ho;   Kim, Yun-Ho


Choo, Dong Chul;   Gong, Doo-Won;   Han, Sang Min;   Kim, Chang Uk;   Kim, Kyung Pil;   Kim, So Young;   Kim, Tae Whan;   Kim, Young-Kwan;   Koo, Ja-Ryong;   Lee, Hyun Koo;   Lee, Kum-Hee;   Seo, Ji Hoon;   Seo, Ji-Hyun;   Shim, Hye Yeon;   Yang, Mi-Youn;   Yoon, Seung-Soo

Publication Titles

2007: Enhancement of the Efficiency in Color-Stabilized Green Organic Light-Emitting Devices Utilizing a Hole-Blocking Layer Between a Hole Transport Layer and an Emission Layer
2007: Investigation on the Effect of 8-Hydroxy-Quinolinato Lithium Between ITO and Hole Transport Layer
2007: Optimization of the Organic Lightemitting Diodes with a Red Phosphor
2007: White Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Based on Three Emissive Layers

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