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Kim, Jin-Hwan

Alternative Writings

Kim, J.H.;   Kim, Jinhwan

Similar Names

Kim, J.-H.;   Kim, Ji-Hwan


Bae, Jin-Young;   Cheong, Byoung-Ho;   Choi, Hwan-Young;   Choi, Jong Chul;   Choi, Yoon-Sun;   Chu, Sung Gun;   Eom, Sang-Young;   Han, Chang Dae;   Hong, Ki-Chul;   Jung, Chi-Sup;   Kim, Byeongyeol;   Kim, Kwang Ung;   Kwak, Soon-Jong;   Pak, Yong Hun;   Seo, Yongsok;   Yu, Jae-Ho

Publication Titles

1988: Viscoelastic behavior and order-disorder transition in mixtures of a block copolymer and a midblock-associating resin
1996: Phase transition study of an 8CB liquid-crystal film with a Brewster angle microscope
1999: Morphology and properties of compatibilized ternary blends (nylon 6/a thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer/a functionalized polypropylene) processed under different conditions
2000: Synthesis and characterization of oxyethylene copolymers with phenyl and/or 4,4'-biphenyl structural units in the backbone
2008: Highly efficient diffractive reflector using microgratings for reflective display


Appl. Phys. Lett., 93, 041915
J. Polym. Sci., Polym. Phys., 26, 677
Polym. Bull., 44, 115
Polymer, 40, 4441
Sae Mulli, 36, 285

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