Index Name

Kim, Jin-Ho

Alternative Writings

Kim, J.H.;   Kim, Jinho

Similar Names

Kim, In-Ho;   Kim, J.-H.


Ahn, Byung-Chul;   Chin, Mi Hyung;   Choi, Hyun-Chul;   Choi, Sang-Ho;   Hwang, Han-Wook;   Jeon, Ii;   Jeong, Eun;   Ji, Seung-Hoon;   Kim, Gu Young;   Kim, Hyoung Jun;   Kim, Kyeong Jin;   Kim, Yong-Sang;   Kim, Young-Kwan;   Lee, Gi-Dong;   Lee, Jun-Hee;   Lee, Kum-Hee;   Lee, Seung-Hee;   Lim, Young Jin;   Moon, Sung-O;   Park, Kyoung-Ho;   Park, Mi Kyung;   Seo, Dae-Shik;   Seo, Ji Hoon;   Shin, Hyun-Ho;   Yoon, Seung-Soo

Publication Titles

1999: Effect of polymer polarity on transcription-aligned TN-LCDs for various polyimide surfaces
1999: Generation of pretilt angle in NLC and EO characteristics of transcription-aligned TN-LCD fabricated by transcription alignment on polyimide surfaces
2003: Characteristics of Two-Step Crystallized Polysilicon Thin-Film Transistors with a Novel Structure
2006: In-plane-switching liquid crystal display device and its manufacturing process
2008: Viewing-angle controllable liquid crystal display using a fringe- and vertical-field driven hybrid aligned nematic liquid crystal
2009: A new optical film with antismudge function and high durability
2009: Asymmetric Monotriphenylamine-Substituted Anthracenes for Blue-Organic Light-Emitting Diodes


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CN 1873496 A (2006/12/06)
Jpn. J. Appl. Phys., 48, 122401
Jpn. J. Appl. Phys., Part 1, 42, 5455
Liq. Cryst., 26, 1813
Liq. Cryst., 26, 397
Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst., 513, 246

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