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Kim, Jae-Hyung

Alternative Writings

Kim, J.H.;   Kim, Jaehyung

Similar Names

Kim, J.-H.;   Kim, Jae-Hyun


Cha, Young Kwan;   Cho, Jin-Wook;   Cho, Kang Jin;   Choi, Dong-Hoon;   Hahn, Eun-Joo;   Han, Jeong-Min;   Han, Jin-Woo;   Hong, Hyeon Taik;   Hong, Hyun Taig;   Hong, Seung Ho;   Hong, Sun-Joo;   Hwang, Jeoung-Yeon;   Jung, Song Hee;   Kang, Dong-Hun;   Kim, Byoung-Yong;   Kim, Hyang-Yul;   Kim, Jong-Hwan;   Kim, Jong-Yeon;   Kim, Sang-Hoon;   Kim, Yeong-Sik;   Kim, Young-Hwan;   Kobayashi, Shunsuke;   Lee, Jin-Woo;   Lee, Kwang-Sei;   Lee, Myong-Hoon;   Lee, Sang-Keuk;   Lee, Seung-Hee;   Moon, Byung-Moo;   Nam, Sang-Hee;   Nishikawa, Michinori;   Noh, Jeong-Dong;   Oh, Byeong-Yun;   Ok, Chul-Ho;   Seo, Dae-Shik;   Song, Je Hoon;   Song, Sung Hun;   Yabe, Yoshikazu

Publication Titles

1995: Odd-even effects of the polar anchoring strength in nematic liquid crystal on rubbed polyimide Langmuir-Blodgett films with alkyl chain lengths
1998: Top-hat beam Z-scan measurement of the optical nonlinearities of nematic liquid crystals 5CB
1999: Effect of photodimerization of chalcone moiety on the temporal stability of optically induced birefringence in photoresponsive polymers bearing a p-methoxyazobenzene
2001: Electrooptical Performance of the Vertical-Alignment-1/4p Cell Photoaligned on a Homeotropic Photopolymer Surface
2001: Optically induced diffraction grating on the film of polyurethane bearing an azobenzene chromophore
2001: Residual DC Characteristics in the In-Plane Switching Liquid Crystal Display by Voltage–Transmittance Hysteresis Method on Rubbed Polyimide Surfaces
2001: Wide Viewing Angle of Nematic Liquid Crystal Using the Vertical-Alignment-1/6p Cell on a Rubbed Polyimide Surfaces
2002: Residual d.c. characteristics in the in-plane switching liquid crystal display by the capacitance-voltage hysteresis method on a polymer surface
2002: Wide-Viewing-Angle Hybrid Aligned Nematic Liquid Crystal Cell Controlled by Complex Electric Field
2003: Rubbing Angle Effect on Response Time of the Fringe-Field Switching Nematic Liquid Crystal Display
2004: Analysis of Optimal Phase Retardation of a Fringe Field-Driven Homogeneously Aligned Nematic Liquid Crystal Cell
2006: Optimized Pixel Design to Remove Disclination Lines in a Homogeneously Aligned Liquid Crystal Microdisplay Driven by a Fringe-Electric Field
2007: Liquid Crystal Alignment Effects for Nematic Liquid Crystal on Homeotropic Polyimide Surface Using New Ion-Beam Source


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