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Kim, J.S.

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Kim, Jang Sub;   Kim, Jang-Soo;   Kim, Ji Sik;   Kim, Ji-Seon;   Kim, Jin Seung;   Kim, Jin Suk;   Kim, Jin-Seok;   Kim, Jin-Soo;   Kim, Jong Seung;   Kim, Jong Soon;   Kim, Jong-Seong;   Kim, Jong-Su;   Kim, Jong-Sung;   Kim, Joon-Seop;   Kim, Joong-Soo


Delacote, G.;   Hwang, U.J.;   Jarnagin, R.C.;   Kim, J.-H.;   Kim, Y.-S.;   Lee, G.J.;   Lee, J.-J.;   Lee, Y.P.;   Mentalecheta, J.;   No, K.T.;   Oh, C.H.;   Paek, S.-H.;   Park, B.;   Schott, M.;   Silver, M.

Publication Titles

1966: Hot Electron Spectroscopy in Molecular Crystals
2002: Prediction of Glass Transition Temperature (Tg) of Some Compounds in Organic Electroluminescent Devices with Their Molecular Properties
2004: Liquid crystal alignment by Holographic surface relief grating inscribed on azo-polymer film

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