Index Name

Kim, Dong-Uk

Alternative Writings

Kim, D.U.;   Kim, Donguk

Similar Names

Kim, D.-U.;   Kim, Dong-Kuk


Cho, Ho-Young;   Han, Yoon Soo;   Hur, Youngjune;   Jung, Young Chul;   Kim, Hoyoung;   Kim, Hyun Suk;   Kim, Jung Moo;   Kim, Ki-Dong;   Kim, Kwang-Hyun;   Kim, Sang-Dae;   Kim, Sung-Hoon;   Kwon, Younghwan;   Lee, Sam-Jong;   Paik, Seoung-Hey;   Park, Lee-Soon;   Ryu, Jeong-Tak;   Seo, Hyeon-Jin;   Tak, Yoon-Heung;   Wang, Hui

Publication Titles

2005: Synthesis and Electroluminescent Properties of Novel Emissive Iridium Complex with Phenyl-isoquinoline Ligand
2006: Electroluminescent Properties of Heterocyclic Conjugated Random Copolymers Containing Phenothiazine and Carbazole Moieties
2007: Green and Red Electrophosphorescent Devices Consisting of Cabazole/Triarylamine-Based Polymers Doped with Iridium Complexes

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