Index Name

Kim, B.-C.

Alternative Writings

Kim, B.C.;   Kim, B.c.

Similar Names

Kim, Bong-Chul;   Kim, Byoung-Chul


Choi, M.A.;   Han, Y.-K.;   Hong, K.-M.;   Hong, S.I.;   Hong, S.M.;   Hwang, S.S.;   Kim, J.-H.;   Kim, K.U.;   Ko, B.-S.;   Lee, C.J.;   Min, B.G.;   Na, H.-S.;   Son, T.-W.;   Yoon, H.S.

Publication Titles

1986: Lyotropic liquid crystalline behavior of aromatic polyamides (I). Factors affecting the critical concentration of sulfuric acid solution of poly (p-phenyleneterephthalamide)
1987: Lyotropic liquid crystalline behavior of aromatic polyamides (II). Influence of chain rigidity on rheological properties
1987: Rheological characterization of sulfuric acid solutions of poly(p-phenyleneterephthalamide)
1987: Studies on the poly(4,4-terephthalanilidealkylamides). II. Rheological properties and fiber performance
1995: A study on the hydrated acrylic polymers
1995: The processing and physical properties of experimental ternary in-situ composites
2000: Synthesis of azo dye containing polymers and application for optical data storage


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