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Kimura, Kuniko

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Kimura, K.


Iwamoto, Masao;   Kobayashi, Kei;   Matsumura, Nobuo;   Matsushige, Kazumi;   Nakahara, Reiko;   Nomura, Hideshi;   Yamada, Hirofumi;   Yamamoto, Keiichiro

Publication Titles

1992: Manufacture of color filter for liquid-crystal display device
1992: Method for manufacturing color filters for liquid crystal display device
1992: color filter for liquid-crystal display device
1995: Color filter for liquid crystal displays
1996: Color filter, pigment dispersion electrolytic solution and liquid crystal display
1996: Color filter, polyamic acid-containing electrodeposition solution for it, manufacture of the filter, and liquid-crystal display device using the filter
1998: Color filters and inks and method for their manufacture, with excellent ink storability and curability and cured color layer heat resistance and durability
2007: Investigation of Molecular Chain Orientation Change of Polymer Crystals in Phase Transitions by Friction Anisotropy Measurement


JP 04.123.005 (1992/04/23)
JP 04.123.006 (1992/04/23)
JP 04.195.102 (1992/07/15)
JP 07.035.916 (1995/02/07)
JP 08.152.617 (1996/06/11)
JP 08.313.724 (1996/11/29)
JP 10.017.813 (1998/01/20)
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