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Kimura, H.

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Kimura, Hajime;   Kimura, Hatsuo;   Kimura, Hatuo;   Kimura, Hideaki;   Kimura, Hideo;   Kimura, Hiromi;   Kimura, Hironao;   Kimura, Hiroshi;   Kimura, Hiroyuki;   Kimura, Hisashi;   Kimura, N.


Doi, M.;   Furuta, T.;   Honda, H.;   Hosino, M.;   Koda, T.;   Koyama, K.;   Nakano, H.;   Riha, P.;   Sanada, Y.;   Takimoto, J.;   Yamashita, M.

Publication Titles

1971: Changes of pleochroism and extinction contours in carbonaceous mesophase
1972: Development of optical anisotropic mesophase from naphtha-tar pitch in magnetic field
1974: Theory of excluded volume effects in nematic liquid crystals
1979: Temperature dependent pitch in cholesteric phase
1988: Phase transitions and solitons in liquid crystals
1993: Dynamics of the nematic-smectic A phase transition
1999: Stochastic aspects of bridging bonds of induced structure of electro-rheological fluids in shear flow


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