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Khan, Saad A.

Similar Names

Khan, Asad A.;   Khan, S.A.


Blackburn, John C.;   Cuculo, John A.;   Frey, Margaret W.;   Kilpatrick, Peter K.;   Prevysh, Victoria A.;   Spontak, Richard J.;   Tayal, Akash;   Wang, Bo-Chy

Publication Titles

1994: Rheological study of polycrystalline lyotropic mesophases in the cesium n-tetradecanoate-water system
1996: Rheology and gelation of cellulose/ammonia/ammonium thiocyanate solutions
1996: Salting-in of the aqueous hydroxypropyl cellulose mesophase through the addition of guanidine thiocyanate
1997: Morphological and rheological analyses of the gel phase in the cellulose/NH3/NH4SCN system

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