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Keyes, Michael P.

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Keyes, M.P.


Amano, Takashi;   Clark, Noel A.;   Epstein, Kenneth A.;   Glaser, Matthew A.;   Hasegawa, Masakazu;   Martin, Steven J.;   Radcliffe, Marc D.;   Savu, Patricia M.;   Snustad, Daniel C.;   Snustand, Daniel C.;   Spawn, Terence D.;   Walba, David M.

Publication Titles

1995: Process for controlling layer spacing in mixtures of smectic liquid crystal compounds
1999: Liquid crystal compounds having chiral fluorinated terminal portion for electrooptical display devices
2000: Chiral liquid crystal compounds having fluorinated terminal portion
2000: Tristable liquid-crystal display device
2002: Mean field theory-based calculation of FLC polarization


Liq. Cryst., 29, 1073
US 5.417.883 (1995/05/23)
WO 2000.009.627 (2000/02/24)
WO 2000.009.628 (2000/02/24)
WO 2000.031.210 (2000/06/02)
WO 9.933.814 (1999/07/08)

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