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Kawamura, Yasuaki

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Kawamura, Y.


Ikegami, Akira;   Iwayanagi, Shigeo;   Maeda, Yoshiko;   Okano, Koji;   Sakurai, Ikuko

Publication Titles

1973: Anomalous ultrasonic absorption and dispersion on of nematic liquid crystals near the clearing point
1976: Complex shear viscosity in the isotropic phase of a nematic liquid crystal (MBBA)
1977: Complex shear viscosity of liquid crystals in the isotropic phase of nematics
1981: Magneto-Orientation of Phospholipids
1981: Ultrasonic Shear Mechanical Impedance of Smectic-A Liquid Crystals
1983: An interpretation of shear elastic behavior in the cholesteric phase observed by ultrasonic measurements
1983: Pretransitional anomaly in shear ultrasonic measurements in the nematic phase near TAN
1984: Liquid crystals in biological system - a survey of phospholipid/water system
1994: Biological tissues and liquid crystalline phases
2000: Science and technology of liquid crystals in the 20th century. Retrospect and prospect of them


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