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Kaur, S.

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Kaur, C.;   Kaur, Sarabjot


Annapoorni, S.;   Bawa, S.S.;   Biradar, A.M.;   Chadha, G.K.;   Chauhan, R.;   Choudhary, A.;   Choudhary, Amit;   Dierking, Ingo;   Gleeson, H.F.;   Mehta, D.S.;   Prakash, J.;   Rathore, V.;   Singh, G.;   Singh, S.P.;   Sreenivas, K.;   Thakur, A.K.

Publication Titles

2004: Bistability in deformed helix ferroelectric liquid crystal
2005: Collective dielectric relaxation in smectic A and smectic C[small star, filled] phases near transition temperature of electroclinic liquid crystals
2005: Is Curie–Weiss law valid in every ferro-to-para transition?
2006: A dielectric mode in electroclinic liquid crystals
2006: Thickness-independent memory effect in ferroelectric liquid crystals
2007: Enhanced electro-optical properties in gold nanoparticles doped ferroelectric liquid crystals
2007: Memory effect in Sm C* phase of electroclinic liquid crystals
2008: Criticality of bistability phenomenon in deformed helix ferroelectric liquid crystal
2008: Effect of smectic A temperature width on the soft mode in ferroelectric liquid crystals
2009: Dielectric spectroscopy of Polymer Stabilised Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals


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