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Kats, E.I.


Abalyan, T.V.;   Andreeva, P.O.;   Balinskii, A.A.;   Belov, K.I.;   Belyakov, V.A.;   Benderskii, V.A.;   Blinov, Lev M.;   Bolotin, B.M.;   Cluzeau, P.;   Demikhov, E.I.;   Dmitrienko, V.E.;   Dolganov, P.V.;   Dolganov, V.K.;   Fouret, R.;   Golo, V.L.;   Gors, C.;   Gurovich, E.V.;   Haase, W.;   Hornreich, R.M.;   Ivanov, A.;   Joly, G.;   Kamenskii, V.G.;   Kikot', I.P.;   Kozlovskii, M.V.;   Kuznetsova, S.A.;   Lajzerowicz, J.;   Lebedev, V.V.;   Leman, A.A.;   Malinin, S.V.;   Monastyrskii, M.I.;   Monastyrsky, M.I.;   Muratov, A.R.;   Nguyen, H.T.;   Oswald, P.;   Palto, S.P.;   Porte, G.;   Salyanov, V.I.;   Sonin, A.A.;   Soto Bustamante, E.A.;   Subachius, D.B.;   Trommsdorff, H.P.;   Vetoshkin, E.V.;   Volkov, Yu.S.;   Volovik, G.E.;   Weyrauch, Thomas;   Yablonskij, S.V.;   Yevdokimov, Yu.M.;   Zhemanova, E.Yu.;   Zhilin, V.M.

Publication Titles

1970: Optical properties of cholesteric liquid crystals
1971: Cherenkov radiation in cholesteric liquid crystals
1971: van der Waals forces in nonisotropic systems
1972: Effect of periodic perturbations on the cholesteric mesophase
1976: Effect of van der Waals forces on orientation of a nematic liquid crystal film
1976: Liquid crystals
1976: Surface oscillations in liquid crystals
1977: Influence of nonlocal effects on Van der Waals interaction
1978: Effect of spatial dispersion on the optical properties of cholesteric liquid crystals
1978: One model of a liquid crystal
1979: Light scattering in liquid crystals
1979: The dynamics of ac Josephson effect in nematic liquid crystals
1980: Inelastic scattering of light by fluctuations of the order parameter in nematic liquid crystals
1981: Nonlinear hydrodynamics of liquid crystals
1981: Phase transformations in discoid liquid crystals
1982: Effect of a magnetic field on the correlation of displacements in smectic liquid crystals
1982: Effect of biaxial fluctuations of order parameters on sound absorption in nematic liquid crystals
1982: Size effects in the structural factor of systems with partial translational ordering
1983: Dynamics of smectic liquid crystals
1983: Fluctuations of the order parameter in liquid crystals
1983: Nonlinear dynamics of smectic liquid crystals
1983: Stability of discotic liquid crystal filaments
1984: Chaos and long-lived modes in dynamics of nematic liquid crystals
1984: Disclination symmetry in uniaxial and biaxial nematic liquid crystals
1984: Dynamic features of discotic liquid crystals
1984: New type of orbital waves in nematic liquid crystals
1984: New types of order in liquid crystals
1984: Nonlinear dynamics of discotic liquid crystals
1984: Ordering in discotic liquid crystals
1985: Light scattering in biaxial nematic liquid crystals
1985: Nonlinear dynamics of smectics with orientation ordering in the layer
1985: Nonlinear dynamics of smectics-C
1986: Long-wavelength dynamics of smectic films
1986: Theory of smectic A - smectic C phase transition
1986: Theory of the smectic A-smectic C phase transition
1987: Shear deformation of cholesteric structures
1987: Surface physics of thermotropic liquid crystals
1988: Dynamics of Langmuir films
1988: The dynamics of free-standing smectic C films.
1991: Ordering and phase transitions in liquid crystals
1991: Some Properties of Ferromagnetic Liquid Crystals
1991: Surface smecticity in chiral liquid crystals
1992: Dynamics of Liquid Crystals, Solutions and Liquids in the Vicinity of the Liquid-Vapor - Like Critical Point
1992: Phase Transitions in Discotic Liquid Crystals
1992: Theory of nematic surface ordering via a Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless phase transition
1993: Weak crystallization theory
1994: Dynamic fluctuation effects in dilute lyotropic systems
1994: Line liquid crystals
1994: Piezoelectric effect in poled amorphous and liquid crystalline polymers determination of piezoelectric coefficients d31. A new approach
1996: Fluctuations in a Crystalline Monolayer on a Liquid
1996: Molecule packing and hole formation in lyotropic systems
1996: The growth of commensurate and incommensurate smectics on the crystalline substrate
1997: Phase transition of nematic-nematic glass in pores
1998: Non-Chiral ferroelectric smectic -C films
1999: Polarization in free standing chiral and nonchiral smectic films
2000: Coupling between Polarization, Orientation, and Chirality in Smectic Films Formed by Bent-Shaped Molecules
2000: Interaction of Nucleic Acid Segments as a Result of Modification of the Network of Hydrogen Bonds of the Solvent
2000: Network of hydrogen bonds as a medium for DNA interaction in solvents
2000: Surface Anchoring and Temperature Variations of the Pitch in Thin Cholesteric Layers
2001: Network of hydrogen bonds as a medium for DNA interaction in solvents
2001: Phase Transition to Anticlinic Texture in Free-Standing Smectic C Films
2001: Surface Anchoring and Pitch Variation in Thin Smectic C* Layers in an Electric Field
2002: Disclination Motion in Liquid Crystalline Films
2002: Polar Smectic Subphases: Phase Diagrams, Structures and X-ray Scattering
2002: Temperature and Field Hysteresis of the Pitch Variations in Thin Planar Layers of Cholesterics
2003: A simple model for charge transport in discotic liquid crystals
2003: Competing tunneling trajectories in a two-dimensional potential with variable topology as a model for quantum bifurcations
2003: Structures and phase transitions in polar smectic liquid crystals
2003: Temperature Pitch Variations in Planar Cholesteric Layers: The Role of Fluctuations and Surface Anchoring.
2004: Temperature and Field Hysteresis of the Pitch Variations in Thin Planar Layers of Cholesterics
2006: Effect of dipole forces on the structure of the liquid phases of DNA
2006: Structures and orientational transitions in thin smectic films of tilted hexatic
2007: Stability of a free-standing liquid-crystal film. The measurement of the interaction between the film surfaces
2008: Electric-field-induced unwinding of ferroelectric helix in thin smectic C* layers with soft and rigid anchoring of molecules
2008: Ferrielectric smectic phase with a layer-by-layer change of the two-component order parameter
2009: Formation and structure of a soliton in an antiferroelectric liquid crystal in an electric field
2009: Liquid-crystalline phases formed by DNA duplexes containing pyrophosphate groups
2010: Symmetry of electrostatic interaction between pyrophosphate DNA molecules


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