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Katsis, D.

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Katsis, Dimitris


Adams, W.W.;   Blanton, T.N.;   Bunning, T.J.;   Chen, H.P.;   Chen, P.H.;   Chen, S.-H.;   Conger, B.M.;   Hood, P.J.;   Jacobs, S.D.;   Kim, D.-U.;   Marshall, K.L.;   Mastrangelo, J.C.;   Mourey, T.H.;   Rothberg, L.J.;   Schmid, A.W.;   Shi, H.;   Tsutsui, T.;   de Rosa, M.E.

Publication Titles

1996: Dynamics of defect annihilation in vitrified liquid crystalline (VLC) thin films upon thermal annealing
1996: Novel vitrified liquid crystals and potential applications
1999: Circularly polarized light generated by photoexcitation of luminophores in glassy liquid-crystal films
1999: Circularly polarized light produced with glassy liquid-crystal films
2000: Glassy Liquid-Crystal Films with Opposite Chirality as High-Performance Optical Notch Filters and Reflectors
2000: Thermotropic Chiral-Nematic Poly(p-phenylene)s as a Paradigm of Helically Stacked .pi.-Conjugated Systems
2001: Circularly Polarized Photoluminescence from Gradient-Pitch Chiral-Nematic Films


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