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Kaszynski, Piotr

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Kaszynski, P.


Antipin, Mikhail Yu.;   Bairamov, K.A.;   Bairamov, Kerim A.;   Balinski, Andrzej;   Benin, Vladimir;   Both, Birgit;   Brady, E.;   Bremer, M.;   Bubnov, Yurii N.;   Czupryñski, Krzysztof;   Dougherty, Dennis A.;   Douglass, A.G.;   Douglass, Andrew G.;   Drzewinski, Witold;   Dziaduszek, Jerzy;   Endo, Y.;   Endo, Yasuyuki;   Erdyakov, Sergey Yu.;   Farrar, J.M.;   Farrar, John M.;   Friedli, A.C.;   Friedli, Andrienne C.;   Fryszkowska, Anna;   Glab, Kristin L.;   Grüner, Bohumir;   Guo, Fengli;   Gurskii, Mikhail E.;   Harvey, James E.;   Heiney, Paul A.;   Huang, Jianping;   Jankowiak, A.;   Jankowiak, Aleksandra;   Janousek, Z.;   Januszko, A.;   Januszko, Adam;   Jasinski, M.;   Jawdosiuk, M.;   Jawdosiuk, Mikolaj;   Jenkins, Gregory S.;   Jensen, Dell;   Johnson, Lillian;   Jones, David;   Kaufman, Jacob M.;   Kim, Taisun;   Kusuma, S.K.;   Kusuma, Sharat;   Laska, J.;   Lewis, Robert A.;   Lipiak, Dariusz;   Lynch, V.M.;   Lyssenko, Konstantin A.;   Manka, Jason T.;   McMurdie, Neil D.;   Mehl, Georg H.;   Michl, J.;   Michl, Josef;   Mierzwa, Michelle;   Miniewicz, Andrzej;   Monobe, Hirosato;   More, Kundalika M.;   Murthy, Gudipati S.;   Nagamine, T.;   Nagamine, Takashi;   Nunley, R.M.;   O'Neill, Matthew;   Ohta, K.;   Ohta, Kiminori;   Pakhomov, Serhii;   Patel, Kaushik;   Patel, M.K.;   Pauluth, D.;   Perkowski, Pawel;   Piecek, Wiktor;   Pociecha, Damian;   Potaczek, Piotr;   Ringstrand, Bryan;   Robinson, Randall E.;   Rzoska, Sylwester J.;   Samoc, Anna;   Samoc, Marek;   Sasnouski, G.;   Shimizu, Yo;   Sienkowska, Monika J.;   Starikova, Zoya A.;   Tesh, Kris F.;   Tilford, William R.;   Vroman, Jacob;   Wand, Michael D.;   Yang, Huey Chin;   Yin, Hui-Yong;   Young, Victor G.;   Zhang, Fan;   Zienkiewicz, Jozef;   Zienkiewicz, Katarzyna

Publication Titles

1987: Preparation of (S)-2-methylbutyl 4-hydoxybenzoate as an intermediate for liquid crystals
1987: Preparation of (S)-2-methylbutyl 4-hydroxybenzoate
1988: Mesogenic properties of telomers of [1.1.1]propellane
1989: A comprehensive approach to (S)-(-)-2-methyl-1-butanol as a convenient precursor for synthesis of chiral liquid crystals
1989: Harnessing strain: from [1.1.1]propellanes to tinkertoys
1989: Preparation of ether-free [1.1.1]propellane and its telomers
1990: Structures of six terminally substituted [n]staffanes, n = 1-4
1990: Synthesis of liquid crystals based on bicyclo[1.1.1]pentane
1991: Ph. D. Thesis Austin
1993: Synthesis and properties of diethyl 5,10-dihetera-5,10-dihydroindeno[2,1-a]indene-2,7-dicarboxylates
1994: A new role for boron in advanced materials
1994: Towards magnetic liquid crystals
1995: Boron clusters in liquid crystals
1995: Design of new stable radicals for molecular magnetic materials
1995: unpublished
1996: 16th Int. Liq. Cryst. Conf., Kent
1997: A Systematic Study of Structure-Property Relationships in Discotic Mesogens
1997: Liquid Crystals Cotaining P-Carborane
1997: New Developments in Boron Cluster Liquid Crystals
1998: An assessment of carborane-containing liquid crystals for potential device application
1998: Effects of Carborane-Containing Liquid Crystals on the Stability of Smectic Phases
1998: Liquid crystals containing p-carborane
1999: Carborane-containing liquid crystals: a comparison of 4-octyloxy-4'-(12-pentyl-1,12-dicarbadodecaboran-1-yl)biphenyl with its hydrocarbon analogs
1999: Four decades of organic chemistry of closo-boranes: a synthetic toolbox for constructing liquid crystal materials. A review
1999: Homostructural two-ring mesogens: a comparison of p-carboranes, bicyclo[2.2.2]octane and benzene as structural elements
1999: Mesogenic properties of single ring compounds: dipentyl derivatives of p-carboranes and bicyclo[2.2.2]octane
1999: Organic derivatives of closo-boranes: a new class of liquid crystal materials
2000: Cinnolino[5,4,3][c,d,e][1,2]benzothiazin-4-yl: A New Persistent Radical
2001: Carborane-Containing Liquid Crystals: Synthesis and Structural, Conformational, Thermal, and Spectroscopic Characterization of Diheptyl and Diheptynyl Derivatives of p-Carboranes
2001: closo Boranes as .pi. Structural Elements for Advanced Anisotropic Materials
2002: Synthesis and Properties of Highly Quadropolar Mesogens Derived from B10H10(-2)
2002: The Effect of Closo-Boranes on Mesogenic Properties
2003: A comparison of mesogenic properties for one- and two-ring dipentyl derivatives of p-carboranes, bicyclo[2.2.2]octane, and benzene
2003: Synthesis of Polyfunctionalized Biphenyls as Intermediates for a New Class of Liquid Crystals
2004: Structural effects in three-ring mesogenic derivatives of p-carborane and their hydrocarbon analogues
2004: Three-ring mesogens containing p-carboranes: characterization and comparison with the hydrocarbon analogs in the pure state and as additives to a ferroelectric mixture
2005: A comparison of mesogenic properties of p-carborane-1,12-dicarbaldehyde schiff's bases with their terephthaldehyde analogues
2005: Comparative studies of three- and four-ring mesogenic esters containing p-carborane, bicyclo[2.2.2]octane, cyclohexane, and benzene
2006: Mesogenic, optical, and dielectric properties of 5-substituted 2-[12-(4-pentyloxyphenyl)-p-carboran-1-yl] [1,3]dioxanes
2006: Ring effect on helical twisting power of optically active mesogenic esters derived from benzene, bicyclo[2.2.2]octane and p-carborane carboxylic acids
2006: The effect of carborane, bicyclo[2.2.2]octane and benzene on mesogenic and dielectric properties of laterally fluorinated three-ring mesogens
2007: Liquid Crystalline Derivatives of Bis(tricarbollide)Fe(II)
2007: Liquid crystalline behavior of tetraaryl derivatives of benzo[c]cinnoline, tetraazapyrene, phenanthrene, and pyrene: the effect of heteroatom and substitution pattern on phase stability
2007: Observation of second-harmonic generation in an oriented glassy nematic phase of a closo-decaborane derivative
2007: Photoconductivity of liquid crystalline derivatives of pyrene and carbazole
2007: Preparation of a discotic 2,4,7,9-tetraaryl-6H-dibenzo[c,e][1,2]thiazine and generation of a persistent Radical 1
2007: Synthesis of Liquid Crystalline 4H-Benzo[1,2,4]thiadiazines and Generation of Persistent Radicals
2008: A comparison of smectic phase induction in a series of isostructural two-ring esters by tail fluorination and tail elongation
2008: A new series of nematic and smectic liquid crystals with negative dielectric anisotropy: the effect of terminal chain substitution on thermal and electro-optical properties
2008: Conformational effects on mesophase stability: numerical comparison of carborane diester homologous series with their bicyclo[2.2.2]octane, cyclohexane and benzene analogues
2008: Evaluation of carborane-containing nematic liquid crystals for electro-optical applications
2008: Induction of smectic behaviour in a carborane-containing mesogen. Tail fluorination of a three-ring nematogen and its miscibility with benzene analogues
2008: Symmetric bent-core mesogens with m-carborane and adamantane as the central units
2008: The effect of the linking group on mesogenic properties of three-ring derivatives of p-carborane and biphenyl
2009: 1-Pyridine- and 1-Quinuclidine-1-boraadamantane as Models for Derivatives of 1-Borabicyclo[2.2.2]octane. Experimental and Theoretical Evaluation of the B-N Fragment as a Polar Isosteric Substitution for the C-C Group in Liquid Crystal Compounds.
2009: A convenient preparation of long chain 4-(4-n-alkylphenylazo)phenols and their 4-pentylbenzoate esters
2009: Anion-driven mesogenicity: ionic liquid crystals based on the [closo-1-CB9H10]- cluster.
2009: Modification of electro-optical properties of an orthoconic chiral biphenyl smectogen with its isostructural carborane analogue
2009: Ring-alkyl connecting group effect on mesogenic properties of p-carborane derivatives and their hydrocarbon analogues


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