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Karczmarzyk, Z.

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Karczmarzyk, Zbigniew


Achten, Remko;   Chrusciel, J.;   Koudijs, Arie;   Marcelis, A.T.M.;   Ossowska-Chrusciel, M.D.;   Sudhölter, Ernst J.R.

Publication Titles

2001: The crystal and molecular structure of 4-n-pentylphenyl 4'-n-hexyloxythiobenzoate (6OS5)
2002: The Polymorphism Of 4-N-Pentylphenyl-4"-N-Butyloxythio-Benzoate, (4OS5) In The Crystalline State
2004: Liquid crystalline properties of salicylaldimine-based dimers: influence of terminal alkyl chain length and central part

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