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Kamien, Randall D.

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Kamien, R.D.


Alexander, Gareth P.;   Aranda-Espinoza, H.;   Balents, Leon;   Bluestein, Igor;   Dalhaimer, P.;   DiDonna, B.A.;   Discher, D.E.;   Dogic, Z.;   Grest, Gary S.;   Harris, A.B.;   Janmey, P.A.;   Kung, William;   Lau, A.W.;   Le Doussal, Pierre;   Levine, Alex J.;   Lubensky, T.C.;   Matsumoto, Elisabetta A.;   Nelson, David R.;   Powers, Thomas R.;   Santangelo, C.D.;   Santangelo, Christian D.;   Stark, Holger;   Toner, John;   Vitelli, Vincenzo;   Yan, Gu;   Yodh, A.G.;   Zaslow, Eric;   Zhang, J.;   Ziherl, P.

Publication Titles

1992: On the isotropic-nematic transition for polymers in liquid crystals
1992: Theory of directed polymers
1993: Rotational invariance and the theory of directed nematic polymers
1993: Twisted line liquids
1995: Anomalous elasticity of polymer cholesterics
1995: Iterated Moiré Maps and Braiding of Chiral Polymer Crystals
1996: Chiral fluctuations and structures
1996: Defects in chiral columnar phases: Tilt-grain boundaries and iterated moire maps
1996: Liquids with chiral bond order
1997: Chiral lyotropic liquid crystals: TGB phases and helicoidal structures
1997: Determining the anchoring strength in a capillary using topological defects
1997: Microscopic Origin of Cholesteric Pitch [Phys. Rev. Lett. 78, 1476 (1997)]
1997: Microscopic origin of cholesteric pitch
1997: Smectic order in double-twist cylinders
1997: Structure function of polymer nematic liquid crystals: a Monte Carlo simulation
1997: Weak chirality in ordered DNA phases
1998: Chirality in liquid crystals . From microscopic origins to macroscopic structure
1999: Minimal Surfaces, Screw Dislocations, and Twist Grain Boundaries
1999: Molecular chirality and chiral parameters
2000: Boundary effects in chiral polymer hexatics
2000: Poisson bracket formulation of nematic polymer dynamics
2001: Dislocation geometry in the TGBA phase: Linear theory
2002: Smectic Phases with Cubic Symmetry: The Splay Analog of the Blue Phase
2002: The geometry of soft materials: a primer
2003: Bogomol'nyi, Prasad, and Sommerfield Configurations in Smectics
2003: Erratum: Foam analogy in charged colloidal crystals [Phys. Rev. E 65, 050401(R) (2002)]
2003: Smectic blue phases: Layered systems with high intrinsic curvature
2004: Elongation and Fluctuations of Semiflexible Polymers in a Nematic Solvent
2006: Elliptic Phases: A Study of the Nonlinear Elasticity of Twist-Grain Boundaries
2007: Entropic attraction and ordering
2007: Geometric Theory of Columnar Phases on Curved Substrates
2009: Helical Nanofilaments and the High Chirality Limit of Smectics A


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