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Kabe, Masaaki

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Kabe, M.


Akiyama, Hisashi;   Bonnett, Paul;   Fukuda, Atsuo;   Ishikawa, Ken;   Ito, Nobuyuki;   Itoh, Keizo;   Itoh, Nobuyuki;   Kido, Masami;   Koden, Mitsuhiro;   Miyachi, Kouichi;   Mukadono, Mitsuhiro;   Mukodono, Mitsuhiro;   Sakawa, Sadahiro;   Takanishi, Yoichi;   Takezoe, Hideo;   Towler, Michael John;   Ulrich, Diana Cynthia

Publication Titles

1993: Fluctuations in the ferrielectric smectic-C.gamma. phase as observed by laser beam diffraction and photon correlation spectroscopy
1997: Devil's staircase between antiferroelectric SCA* and ferroelectric SC* phases in liquid crystals observed in free-standing films under temperature gradients
1997: Smectic liquid crystal element and manufacturing method
1998: Liquid crystal display and its production method
1998: Manufacture of electrode-bearing substrate and liquid crystal display
1998: Process for manufacture of electrode substrate of liquid crystal display
1999: Liquid crystal display with wide view angle and rapid response and using twisted nematic liquid crystal
1999: Production method of liquid crystal display
1999: Reduction of ionic memory effect in ferroelectric liquid crystals
2000: Electrode-bearing substrate, its manufacture, and liquid crystal display using the same


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