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Jung, Youngsuk

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Jung, Y.


Cho, Tai-Yon;   Cotts, Sarah K.;   DeLongchamp, Dean M.;   Fischer, Daniel A.;   Frank, Curtis W.;   Gundlach, David J.;   Heeney, Martin;   Kline, R. Joseph;   Lin, Eric K.;   Luning, Jan;   McCulloch, Iain;   Moad, Andrew J.;   Richter, Lee J.;   Toney, Michael F.;   Yoon, Do Y.

Publication Titles

2005: Surface Characteristics of Polyfluorene Films Studied by Polarization-Dependent NEXAFS Spectroscopy
2008: Molecular Basis of Mesophase Ordering in a Thiophene-Based Copolymer
2008: The Effect of Interfacial Roughness on the Thin Film Morphology and Charge Transport of High-Performance Polythiophenes

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