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Jin, Shi

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Jin, S.

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Shi, Jin


Bai, Feng;   Booske, John H.;   Cheng, Stephen Z.D.;   Chien, Liang-Chy;   Ford, Jason;   Ge, Jason J.;   Graham, Matthew J.;   Guo, Mingming;   Harris, Frank W.;   He, Tianbai;   Hu, Jie;   Huang, Huabing;   Jeong, Kwang-Un;   Kim, Gue-Hyun;   Knapp, Brian S.;   Leng, Siwei;   Li, Christopher Y.;   Li, Xiantao;   Lotz, Bernard;   Lovinger, Andrew J.;   Ma, Yu-Guo;   Pan, Jie;   Pugh, Coleen;   Rastogi, Sanjay;   Ruan, Jr-Jeng;   Shen, Hong;   Shen, Zhi-Hao;   Sun, Runkun;   Tu, Ying-Feng;   Wang, Jing;   Weng, Xin;   Weng, Xing;   Wöhlbier, John G.;   Xiong, Huiming;   Xu, Yijin;   Xue, Chenchen;   Xue, Chenming;   Yan, Donghang;   Zhang, Dong;   Zhang, John Z.;   Zhou, Wensheng;   Zhu, Lei;   Zimmerman, Steven C.

Publication Titles

2001: Effect of the length of the substituents on the phase structure and transition behavior of a series of laterally attached side-chain liquid-crystalline polynorbornenes
2002: Helical Twist Senses, Liquid Crystalline Behavior, Crystal Microtwins, and Rotation Twins in a Polyester Containing Main-Chain Molecular Asymmetry and Effects of the Number of Methylene Units in the Backbones on the Phase Structures and Morphologies of Its Homologues
2002: Liquid Crystalline Phases, Microtwinning in Crystals and Helical Chirality Transformations in a Main-Chain Chiral Liquid Crystalline Polyester
2003: Chain Orientation and Defects in Lamellar Single Crystals of Syndiotactic Polypropylene Fractions
2004: An ABC Stacking Supramolecular Discotic Columnar Structure Constructed via Hydrogen-Bonded Hexamers
2004: Eulerian method for computing multivalued solutions of the Euler-Poisson equations and applications to wave breaking in klystrons
2004: Self-assembled "Supra-molecular" Structures via Hydrogen Bonding and Aromatic/Aliphatic Microphase Separation on Different Length Scales in Symmetric-Tapered Bisamides
2004: Synthesis and Properties of Planar Liquid-Crystalline Bisphenazines
2005: Phase Structures and Self-assembled Helical Suprastructures via Hydrogen Bonding in a Series of Achiral 4-Biphenyl Carboxylic Acid Compounds
2005: Structures and Phase Transformations of Asymmetric Bent Main-Chain Liquid Crystalline Polyesters
2006: Origin of Self-Assembled Helical Supramolecular Structures in Achiral C6 Biphenyl Carboxylic Acid Compounds
2007: A room-temperature liquid-crystalline phase with crystalline .pi. stacks
2007: Structure of Macroscopic Monodomains and Its Soft Confinements of Chiral Smectic Phases on Crystallization in a Main-Chain Nonracemic Liquid Crystalline Polyester


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