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Jeong, Eun

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Jeong, E.


Ahn, Byung-Chul;   Chin, Mi Hyung;   Choi, Hyun-Chul;   Choi, Min Oh;   Jang, Won-Gun;   Jeong, Youn-Hak;   Ji, Seung-Hoon;   Kim, Jin-Ho;   Kim, Kyoung-Mi;   Kim, Youn Sik;   Lee, Gi-Dong;   Lee, Seung-Hee;   Lee, eung Hee;   Lim, Young Jin;   Park, Kyoung-Ho;   Park, Kyung-Ho;   Rhee, John Moon;   Srivastava, Anoop Kumar

Publication Titles

2007: Fringe-Field Driven Single-Gap and Single-Gamma Transflective Liquid Crystal Display with Dual Orientation of Liquid Crystal
2007: Viewing angle switching of vertical alignment liquid crystal displays by controlling birefringence of homogenously aligned liquid crystal layer
2008: Optimal pixel design for low driving, single gamma curve and single cell-gap transflective fringe-field switching liquid crystal display
2008: Switching of off-axis viewing quality in twisted nematic liquid crystal display by controlling phase retardation of additional liquid crystal layers
2008: Viewing Angle Switching in Fringe-Field Switching Liquid Crystal Display
2008: Viewing-angle controllable liquid crystal display using a fringe- and vertical-field driven hybrid aligned nematic liquid crystal


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