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Jeffrey, George A.

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Jeffrey, G.A.


Abola, Jaime;   Baker, David;   Bhattacharjee, Sarama;   Cabaret, D.;   Carter, Daniel C.;   Goodby, John W.;   Jahangir;   Maluszynska, Hanna;   Matias, Pedro M.;   Ruble, John R.;   Wakselman, M.;   Wingert, Lavinia M.;   Yeon, Younghee

Publication Titles

1982: The crystal structure of heptyl 1-thio-.alpha.-D-mannopyranoside, a liquid-crystal precursor
1983: Carbohydrate liquid-crystals. II
1983: The crystal structure of octyl-1-thio-β-D-xylopyranoside: a disordered smectogenic structure
1985: The crystal structure of octyl D-gluconate: a mesogenic structure with monolayer head-to-tail molecular packing
1986: Carbohydrate liquid crystals
1986: The crystal structure of isopropyl 1-thio-.beta.-D-galactopyranoside monohydrate at 123 K
1987: Erratum
1987: The crystal structures of 6-N-heptylmercaptopurine at 123 K and 6-N-hexylaminopurine at 295 K
1987: The crystal structures of octyl .alpha.-D-glucopyranoside monohydrate and hemihydrate: mesogenic structures with interdigitizing alkyl chains
1990: The crystal structure and thermotropic liquid-crystal properties of N-n-undecyl-D-gluconamide
1992: Carbohydrate liquid crystals
1992: The crystal structure of a 1:1 complex of n-octyl-.alpha.- and .beta.-D-glucopyranoside at 123 K
1993: Liquid crystal properties of 4-alkylphenyl D-glucopyranosides
1993: Low molecular weight carbohydrates as a source of liquid crystals and surfactants
1995: Liquid-crystal properties of octyl 6'-O-alkylmelibiosides


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