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Janini, G.M.

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Janini, George M.


Al-Ghoul, A.M.;   Apfel, M.A.;   Attari, S.;   Filfil, N.T.;   Finkelmann, Heino;   Fitzpatrick, N.J.;   Fox, S.D.;   Hovakeemian, G.H.;   Issaq, H.J.;   Katrib, A.;   Laub, R.J.;   Lühmann, B.-H.;   Manning, W.B.;   Muschik, G.M.;   Pluyter, J.G.L.;   Poehland, B.;   Price, A.;   Roberts, W.L.;   Sato, R.I.;   Schroer, J.A.;   Shaikh, B.;   Shaw, T.J.;   Shipe, B.;   Shipe, R.;   Smith, C.A.;   Ubeid, M.T.;   Zielinski, W.L.

Publication Titles

1976: Gas-liquid chromatographic evaluation and gas-chromatography/mass spectrometric application of new high-temperature liquid crystal stationary phases for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon separations
1976: N,N'-Bis[p-butoxybenzylidene]-.alpha.,.alpha.'-bi-p-toluidine: thermally stable liquid crystal for unique gas-liquid chromatography separations of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
1977: Gas-liquid chromatographic analysis of benzo[a]pyrene in cigarette smoke on a nematic liquid crystal
1979: Utility of high-temperature thermotropic liquid crystals as stationary phases for novel gas-liquid chromatographic separations
1980: Gas-liquid chromatographic separation of bile acids and steroids on a nematic liquid crystal
1980: High-temperature nematic liquid crystal for gas liquid chromatography
1981: Chromatographic separation of benzo[a]pyrene isomers on nematic liquid crystal GC and polymeric reversed-phase HPLC phases
1982: Effect of the solid support on the chromatographic properties of a liquid crystal stationary phase
1982: Thermodynamics of solutions of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons studied by gas-liquid chromatography with a nematic and an isotropic stationary phase
1983: Dipole moments, ESCA, theoretical calculations and gas-liquid chromatographic studies on some p-p'-derivatives of benzylideneaniline
1985: Synthesis and properties of high temperature mesomorphic polysiloxane (MEPSIL) solvents. Amide, ester and Schiff's base linked systems
1985: Synthesis and properties of high-temperature mesomorphic polysiloxane (MEPSIL) solvents: biphenyl- and terphenyl-based nematic systems
1987: Probe-solute study of mesomorphic polysiloxane (mepsil) solvents. Synthesis and characterization of some ester-linked copolymer mepsil stationary phases
1988: Neat and admixed mesomorphic polysiloxane stationary phases for open-tubular column gas chromatography
1989: Comparison of the gas-chromatographic properties of mesomorphic polymeric stationary phases
1989: Effect of molecular structure on the properties of Schiff's base side-chain liquid crystal polysiloxanes
1989: Optimization of the gas chromatographic separation of five-membered ring polyarenes with an admixed BPhBT liquid crystal-Dexsil 300 stationary phase


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