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Jahr, Michael

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Jahr, M.


Abellon, Ruben D.;   Baro, Angelika;   Donnio, Bertrand;   Frey, Wolfgang;   Gemming, Sibylle;   Graf, Robert;   Grozema, Ferdinand C.;   Gutmann, Jochen;   Lang, Heinrich;   Laschat, Sabine;   Lehman, Matthias;   Lehmann, Matthias;   Müller, Martin;   Popov, Igor;   Rüffer, Tobias;   Sauer, Sven;   Siebbeles, Laurens D.A.;   Steinke, Nelli;   Tussetschläger, Stefan

Publication Titles

2006: New ABC Core for the Synthesis of Nonsymmetric Star Molecules
2007: Synthesis and solid-state structure of a star-shaped oligobenzoate
2008: Columnar Mesophases with 3D Order from New Functional Nonconventional Star-Shaped Mesogens
2008: Programming Star-Mesogens toward the Formation of Columnar or Cubic Phases
2008: Star-shaped oligobenzoates with a naphthalene chromophore as potential semiconducting liquid crystal materials?
2008: Star-shaped oligobenzoates: non-conventional mesogens forming columnar helical mesophases
2009: Crown ethers with lateral ortho-terphenyl units: effect of ester groups and sodium salts on the mesomorphic properties


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