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Jacobs, S.D.

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Jacobs, Stephen D.


Babcock, G.V.;   Bahr, R.;   Blanton, T.N.;   Cerqua, K.A.;   Chen, H.M.P.;   Chen, H.P.;   Chen, S.-H.;   Coon, C.J.;   Gan, J.;   Geng, Y.;   Guardalben, M.;   Guardalben, M.J.;   Gunderman, T.;   Hasman, K.;   Hood, P.J.;   Howe, R.;   Katsis, D.;   Kessler, T.J.;   Kosc, T.Z.;   Lambropoulos, J.C.;   Lee, J.-C.;   Lee, Jae-Cheul;   Leitch, M.;   Marshall, K.;   Marshall, K.L.;   Mastrangelo, J.C.;   Mitchell, G.;   Papernov, S.;   Rigatti, A.L.;   Schmid, A.;   Schmid, A.W.;   Seka, W.;   Skeldon, M.D.;   Skerrett, K.J.;   Trajkovska Petkoska, A.;   Trajkovska-Petkoska, A.;   Tsai, M.L.;   Varshneya, R.

Publication Titles

1986: Retrofit of a high power Nd:glass laser system with liquid crystal polarizers
1988: Liquid crystal optics for laser systems
1988: Liquid-crystal laser optics: design, fabrication, and performance
1988: Near-infrared dichroism of a mesogenic transition metal complex and its solubility in nematic hosts
1989: Effects of anchoring under intense optical fields in a cholesteric liquid crystal
1989: Optical notch filter using thermotropic liquid crystalline polymers
1990: TEM00-mode and single-longitudinal-mode laser operation with a cholesteric liquid-crystal laser end mirror
1990: Thermotropic and optical properties of chiral nematic polymers
1990: Thermotropic chiral nematic polymers as optical materials
1991: Laser beam apodizer utilizing gradient-index optical effects in cholesteric liquid crystals
1991: The 351 nm, 0.7 ns laser damage thresholds of monomeric liquid-crystalline systems
2000: Glassy Liquid-Crystal Films with Opposite Chirality as High-Performance Optical Notch Filters and Reflectors
2003: Novel Glassy Nematic Liquid Crystals for Non-destructive Rewritable Optical Memory and Photonic Switching
2005: Enhanced Electro-Optic Behavior for Shaped Polymer Cholesteric Liquid-Crystal Flakes Made Using Soft Lithography
2005: Polymer cholesteric liquid-crystal flake reorientation in an alternating-current electric field
2006: Exploring motion reversal in polymer cholesteric liquid crystal devices
2007: Development of polymer cholesteric liquid crystal flake technology for electro-optic devices and particle displays
2008: Laser-damage-resistant photoalignment layers for high-peak-power liquid crystal device applications
2008: Motion of doped-polymer-cholesteric liquid crystal flakes in a direct-current electric field


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