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Ivanova, Rouja

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Ivanova, R.


Alexandridis, Paschalis;   Geppert, Steffen;   Gronski, Wolfram;   Guo, Qipeng;   Lindman, Björn;   Staneva, Rosina;   Stühn, Bernd;   Thomann, Ralf;   Zhukov, Sergei

Publication Titles

2000: Effect of Glycols on the Self-Assembly of Amphiphilic Block Copolymers in Water. 2. Glycol Location in the Microstructure
2002: Dielectric Relaxation in Liquid Crystalline/Isotropic Block Copolymers: Effect of Nanoscale Confinement on the Segmental Dynamics
2003: Nanostructures, Semicrytalline Morphology, and Nanoscale Confinement Effect on the Crystallization Kinetics in Self-Organized Block Copolymer/Thermoset Blends

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