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Ivanova, Nataliya L.

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Ivanova, N.L.;   Ivanova, Natalia L.


Berenberg, Vladimir A.;   Beresnev, Leonid A.;   Chaika, Aleksander N.;   Dultz, Wolfgang;   Feoktistov, Nikolai A.;   Haase, Wolfgang;   Isaev, Mikhail V.;   Konshina, Elena A.;   Onokhov, Arkady P.;   Weyrauch, Thomas

Publication Titles

1996: Pulsing record of the images and holograms on an optically addressed spatial-light modulator with highly sensitive layer of amorphous hydrogenated silicon
1998: Development of the optically addressed spatial light modulators for dynamic holography applications using deformed-helix ferroelectric liquid crystals
2002: Phase OA LC SLMs for record of thin dynamic holographic correctors with diffraction efficiency over 50%

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