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Ito, K.

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Ito, Kaori;   Ito, Katsuhiro;   Ito, Katsuji;   Ito, Katsunori;   Ito, Kayako;   Ito, Kayoko;   Ito, Kazuki;   Ito, Kazumasa;   Ito, Kazumi;   Ito, Kazuo;   Ito, Kazushi;   Ito, Keisuke;   Ito, Keizo;   Ito, Ken;   Ito, Kengo;   Ito, Kenichi;   Ito, Kenji;   Ito, Kensaku;   Ito, Kensuke;   Ito, Kenzo;   Ito, Kiminori;   Ito, Kiyoshi;   Ito, Kohzo;   Ito, Koichi;   Ito, Kojiro;   Ito, Kokichi;   Ito, Kotobuki;   Ito, Kumiko;   Ito, Kunio;   Ito, Kushi;   Ito, Kyoko;   Itoh, K.


Fukuda, H.;   Hayashi, J.;   Kiwamoto, Y.;   Ono, I.;   Sanpei, A.;   Shirotani, I.;   Soga, Y.;   Takeda, K.

Publication Titles

1982: Monte Carlo simulations and pair approximations on the phase transition of the restricted orientational lattice model for liquid crystals
2003: Formation of a vortex crystal cell assisted by a background vorticity distribution
2006: X-Ray Study with Synchrotron Radiation for the One-Dimensional Complex Bis(1,2-Benzoquinone-dioximato)Platinum(II), Pt(BQD)2, at High Pressures

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