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Israelachvili, Jacob N.

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Israelachvili, J.N.;   Israelachvili, Jacob


Bruinsma, Robijn F.;   Choi, Myung Chul;   Davidson, Patrick;   Gee, Michelle L.;   Gourdon, Delphine;   Hamilton, William;   Hill, Robert S.;   Homola, Andrew M.;   Idziak, Stefan H.J.;   Kim, Mahn-Won;   Koltover, Ilya;   Kott, Stephen J.;   Kraiser, Keith E.;   Kuhl, Tonya L.;   Li, Youli;   Liang, Keng S.;   Majewski, Jaroslaw;   McGuiggan, Patricia M.;   Pfohl, Thomas;   Ruths, Marina;   Safinya, Cyrus R.;   Sirota, Eric B.;   Smith, Gregory S.;   Steinberg, Suzi;   Warriner, Heidi E.;   Wen, Zhiyu;   Witten, Thomas A.

Publication Titles

1989: Entropic orientational forces between surfaces in anisotropic liquids
1990: Liquid to solidlike transitions of molecularly thin films under shear
1994: Structure of complex fluids under flow and confinement. X-ray Couette Shear Cell and the X-ray Surface Forces Apparatus
1994: The X-ray Surface Forces Apparatus: Structure of a Thin Smectic Liquid Crystal Film Under Confinement
1996: Effects of Confinement and Shear on the Properties of Thin Films of Thermotropic Liquid Crystal
1996: Structure in a confined smectic liquid crystal with competing surface and sample elasticities
1996: Structure under confinement in a smectic-A and lyotropic surfactant hexagonal phase
2001: Neutron confinement cell for investigating complex fluids
2003: Transitions between smooth and complex stick-slip sliding of surfaces
2004: Ordered patterns of liquid crystal toroidal defects by microchannel confinement


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