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Achard, M.F.;   Anakkar, A.;   Babeau, A.;   Barois, P.;   Bernard, P.;   Berthault, J.P.;   Bibonne, F.;   Billard, J.;   Bonnet, P.;   Bouchta, A.;   Bougrioua, F.;   Boulon, G.;   Boyaval, J.;   Brunet, M.;   Buisine, J.-M.;   Buisine, J.M.;   Carette, P.;   Cartier, A.;   Cluzeau, P.;   Czechowski, G.;   Daoudi, A.;   Delattre, T.;   Delord, P.;   Destrade, C.;   Douali, R.;   Dozov, I.;   Dubois, Jean-Claude;   Détré, L.;   El Kaaouachi, A.;   Faya, V.;   Faye, V.;   Girold, C.;   Guyot, Y.;   Haase, W.;   Hapiot, F.;   Hardouin, F.;   Hemine, J.;   Hmine, J.;   Ismaili, M.;   Ismaïli, M.;   Jadzyn, J.;   Joly, G.;   Kasthuraiah, N.;   Laux, V.;   Legr, C.;   Legrand, C.;   Legrand, Ch.;   Li, C.;   Li, M.N.;   M'Kadmi, A.;   Maaroufi, A.;   Malthête, J.;   Marcerou, J.P.;   Marzec, M.;   Mikulko, A.;   Nabor, M.F.;   Nafidi, A.;   Navailles, L.;   Nguyen, H.T.;   Nguyen, Huu Tinh;   Oumhand, M. Idali;   Parneix, J.P.;   Plancin, F.;   Pochat, P.;   Rouillon, J.C.;   Sadashiva, B.K.;   Salleneuve, C.;   Sigaud, G.;   Soulestin, B.;   Twieg, R.J.;   Warenghem, M.;   Werth, M.;   Wróbel, S.;   Zazoui, M.;   Zywucki, B.;   da Cruz, C.

Publication Titles

1976: Determination of the absolute sense of twist of cholesteric and chiral smectic C phases
1977: Optical properties of smectic phases of type C
1980: Apparent rotatory power of cholesterics
1983: Optical properties of the twisted mesophase of a chiral disk-like compound
1983: Orientation of the fluid mesophase of a disk-like mesogenic compound by glass slides with obliquely vapor-deposited silicon oxides
1984: Orientation of nematics on a liquid metal surface
1984: Orientation of nematics on a metallic liquid surface
1984: Selective reflexion in helical stacks of birefringent plates
1988: Characterization of reentrant cholesteric, cholesteric and chiral smectic phases of three recent polar mesogens
1988: Dielectric study of a ferroelectric liquid crystal
1988: Periodic structures in smectic-C*: pitch and unwinding lines
1991: Electroclinic effect in the N* phase near a N* S{\sub A} S{\sub C}* multicritical point
1991: Helical smectic A* phase (TGB{\sub A} phase) in some tolan series
1992: Biphenyl alkyloxy benzoate ferroelectric liquid crystals: structural, thermodynamic and dielectric studies of the octyl and the decyl homologs; electroclinic effect in the N phase near a N-S{\sub A}-S{\sub C} multicritical point
1992: New TGBA series exhibiting a SC*SASA*N* phase sequence
1992: TGBA and TGBC Phases in New Homologous Series
1992: TGBA and TGBC phases in some chiral tolan derivatives
1992: Tilted Twist-Grain-Boundary Smectic Phase (TGBC) Associated with a Chiral NAC Point
1993: Dielectric investigation of the helical smectic A (TGB{\sub A})-S{\sub C} phase transition
1993: Smectic A twist grain boundary phase in three new series with chiral (L) lactic acid derivatives
1993: TGB{\sub A} phase in chiral two ring derivatives
1994: First observation of a S{\sub C}-S{\sub A}-TGB{\sub A} multicritical point in a pure compound
1994: Molecular dynamics studies in isotropic phase of n-TPEB's by dielectric relaxation method
1994: New chiral thiobenzoate series with antiferroelectric mesophases
1994: Optical evidence of the layered array of grain boundaries in TGBA and TGBC mesophases
1994: Twisted grain boundary phases in three new chiral azobenzene series
1995: Dielectric study and helical pitch measurements on a new antiferroelectric liquid crystal
1995: New chiral tolane series with antiferroelectric properties
1995: Three chiral tolane series with twist grain boundary smectic A and C mesophases
1996: Chiral and polar nonsymmetric dimesogen
1996: Dielectric properties of TGB{\sub A} and TGB{\sub C} phases
1996: Experimental observation of multicritical points with TGB phases on a pure compound
1996: Helicity of SC*.alpha. phase
1996: High pressure studies on new chiral compounds exhibiting TGBA phase
1996: SC* and S~C* phases in chiral non-symmetric dimesogens
1996: Stability of the TGB phases in series of non-fluorinated and fluorinated mesogens
1996: Thermobarometric analysis of new liquid crystal compounds: observation of multicritical behaviors
1996: Towards a spectroscopic characterization of twisted grain boundaries structures
1996: Twist grain boundary and antiferroelectric smectic C* phases in a new chiral compound
1998: Comparative study of helical pitch and electrooptical behaviors of highly twisted SC* and SC*.alpha. phases
1998: Under pressure studies of TGB{\sub A} and TGB{\sub C} phases on pure compounds
1999: Experimental observation of multicritical behaviors in pressure-temperature diagrams of pure compounds with twist grain boundary phases
1999: Optically active homogeneous mixtures of cholesteric liquid crystals and a new coordination compound: Eu(thenoyltrifluoroacetonate)3. (cholesteryl tetradecanoate or nonanoate)
2000: Multicritical behaviors and an induced twist grain boundary phase in a binary liquid crystalline mixture
2000: The consequence of the lack of selective reflections on the modelization of T.G.B. structures
2000: Twist grain boundary A phase in [R]-[-]-1-methyl-heptyl 4'-(3''-chloro-4''-n-alkoxybenzoyloxy) biphenyl-4-carboxylates
2001: Influence of the position and number of fluorine atoms and of the chiral moiety on a newly synthesized series with anticlinic properties
2001: Influence of the thickness and polarization charges on the electro-optical behaviour of twisted smectic C* cells
2001: Optical properties of the Eu(Thenoyltrifluoroacetonate)3, (cholesteryl tetradecanoate or nonanoate) complexes
2001: Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of a new chiral series with anticlinic and TGB phases
2001: Thermodynamics of two compounds of chiral non-symmetric dimesogens under pressure
2002: Anchoring at the Grain Boundaries and Dielectric Properties of the TGB A and TGB C Phases
2002: Chiral Azobenzene Liquid Crystals Under Illumination: Thickness Influence and Spontaneous Polarisation Variations
2003: Dielectric evidence of an electroclinic effect in the cholesteric phase near a N*-SmA-SmC* multicritical point
2004: Correlation between dielectric and optical measurements in the smectic-Ca* phase
2004: Novel chiral liquid crystal with two chiral butyl lactate chains exhibiting several frustrated mesophases including smectic Q and TGB phases separated by an optically isotropic phase
2005: Ferroelectric behaviour of hexatic phases
2007: Influence of the proximity of a N*-SmA-SmC* multicritical point on the electroclinic effect in the cholesteric phase
2008: Dielectric Spectroscopy of the Goldstone-Mode Relaxation in the Surface-Stabilized Chiral Smectic C Phase in Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
2008: Dynamical Properties of Ferroelectric Chiral Liquid Crystals by Electro-Optical and Dielectric Spectroscopy
2008: Study of Electroclinic Effect in Cholesterics Near a N*-SmA-SmC* Multicritical Point by Dielectric Characterization


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